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When a component wants to inform a set of listeners that a property has changed it will use fireVetoableChange to see if interested listeners will agree to the change. Then it uses firePropertyChange to inform interested listeners that the property has changed value.

In Swing TableModel you fire various events to let the GUI (Graphic User Interface) know your data have changed. You do this by calling methods in AbstractTableModel.

TableModel Change Notification
Method Purpose
fireTableDataChanged All cell values in the table’s rows may have changed. This will not suffice if the number of columns changes or you are just getting started going from 0 to N columns. See fireTableStructureChanged.
fireTableRowsDeleted rows in the range [firstRow, lastRow], inclusive, have been deleted.
fireTableRowsInserted rows in the range [firstRow, lastRow], inclusive, have been inserted.
fireTableRowsUpdated rows in the range [firstRow, lastRow], inclusive, may have been updated.
fireTableStructureChanged Number of column may have changed, column headers may have changed, type of data in a column may have changed. Also use after you first populate a table since you went from 0 to N columns. Not needed if number of rows changes.

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