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Unfortunately, FileHippo went over to the dark side in 2014-09 and started wrapping downloads of other people’s software in adware.

It used to be an unusually good site for downloading commercial software. The current version is 2.0 beta 4 Last revised/verified: 2016-01-18. They have the latest versions immediately and maintain a history of previous versions. They do not accept submissions. They have a program in beta to scan your disk for installed applications and warn you of any that are out of date. To make it work you must configure it to use IE (Internet Explorer) and configure a set ProgramFiles= C:\Program Files in your set environment. Downloads are exceedlingly fast. They used to make their money by showing you an ad during the download. It is a convenient, consistent way to keep on top of all the updates to your software.

Also configure it to scan you additional Program Files directories other than the C: with Intellisense.

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