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aka iRes, high resolution as good as the human eye can resolve. Going beyond it would be pointless because the average human eye could not appreciate any finer detail. It is the visual equivalent of CDs (Compact Discs) for audio. Eye-res might be implemented with less computation by rendering only the portion of an image your eye is focused on, moment by moment. Only the small part of the visual field falling on the fovea part of the retina has high resolution. The rest could be fooled with much lower resolution.

Monitors can produce about 16 million different colours, we can print about 6000 different colours. Humans can distinguish roughly 10 million different colours.

The human eye can resolve detail at one minute of arc. The roughly corresponds to 1000 dpi. Even higher resolution can be subjectively appreciated as greater sharpness. We have even cheap ink-jet printers capable of 1200 dpi. Computer monitors are only about 100 dpi.

We still have a way to go in creating the liquid clarity that would be like looking through an open window onto the scene. I’m guessing we are lacking sufficient contrast in brightness.

The difficulty with reaching full motion eye-res monitors and TV is that every time you double the resolution, you quadruple the number of pixels and hence quadruple the amount of computation or bandwidth.

This is somewhat analogous to how quantum mechanics describes the way reality itself renders

Apple uses the term retinal for ultra-high res, but this is still not eye-res.

Particles appear not to decide where they have been until forced to do so by being observed. The implication is that portions of the world we live in are not actually rendered until some conscious observer turns her attention towards them. After all, there’s no point wasting valuable computes of the celestial computer than renders our Universe. This gives new meaning to the question about the unheard tree that falls in the forest.
~ Ray Kurzweil (1948-02-12 age:70)

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