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The CurrCon Java Applet displays prices on this web page converted with today’s exchange rates into your local international currency, e.g. Euros, US dollars, Canadian dollars, British Pounds, Indian Rupees… CurrCon requires an up-to-date browser and Java version 1.8, preferably 1.8.0_131. If you can’t see the prices in your local currency, Troubleshoot. Use Firefox for best results.

Lotus/IBM’s mini office suite for Java, (formerly known as Kona), written as a set of Java Applets. It is roughly comparable to Microsoft Works. It contains a word processor, mail program, spread sheet, browser, appointment scheduler, slide presentation maker. It is written in 100% pure Java so can run on any platform with 100% compatible file formats. It costs $50.00 USD for a single user copy and $1500.00 USD for a server license that lets you use it on all machines connected to that server. I saw a demo of it at the Colorado Summit. I was impressed with the snazzy graphics, simple user interface and surprisingly good response time. It makes extensive use of serialization to save system state for Applet swapping or so that you can pick up right where you left off when you power up again. To run it properly you need a LAN (Local Area Network), not just an Internet connection to your server. I have not anything about it lately. I suspect they have abandoned the project.

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