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An online auction. You can act as buyer or seller. Paypal is usually used for payment transfers. EBay owns PayPal. eBay owns PayPal. eBay lets you check out the reputation of the seller or buyer.

You can get computer components incredibly cheaply this way.

One hint to winning auctions is to not bid even dollars, but add .03 or .04. That will beat the equivalent even dollar bid.

eBay is not such much as auction as a giant comparison shopper. You can click buy now to win any auction at a fixed price. Many auctions have many of the same item for sale, so many people can buy.

proxy bidding refers to the way you enter a maximum bid, but eBay does not enter that right away. It bids for you incrementally up to that maximum.

gallery items are simply items for sale with pictures.

reserve price is the price below which the seller refuses to even sell. Unlike an normal auction, this is secret.

buy now price is the price you can pay to end the auction immediately and win it. The catch is, that offer expires as soon as the bidding reaches the reserve price.

sniping is a strategy for winning bids by putting in a high bid during the very last seconds of the auction, before anyone has time to outbid you.

Don’t bid on many similar items simultaneously. You could win more than one auction and end up having to buy many more items than you need. Prices are not indicative until the expiry time gets close. There is not much point in bidding early. You commit yourself needlessly. You can always bid later. All the action happens in the last few seconds before closing. You will get the best deals on auctions that close on the weekend because there is less competition.

Some people make their living with bidding gamesmanship buying and selling.

You can use your same account at the related national ebays such as ebay.ca where most of the Canadian sellers are. You can even see your ebay.com and ebay.ca bidding history integrated one the same web page. It is a little more convenient for Canadians to sign up at ebay.ca and for Americans to sign up at ebay.com, but no matter which you sign up with, you can use either.

eBay executives have atrocious ethics.

Australia eBay is Australia’s leading online market place eBay.com.au ebay.au
Canada Click here for your favorite eBay items eBay.ca
United Kingdom eBay.co.uk ebay.co.uk
USA eBay.com ebay.com


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