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DMP (Download Management Protocol). A protocol for downloading files that also captures extra information about them such as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) they came from. This allows automatic notification of updates and related announcements and one click download of updates. It does not cover automatic installation. Only the Go!Zilla file downloader supports it for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/W2K/XP/W2K3.

DMP allows a site to provide information about any file. This information includes the following:

  1. file name.
  2. the long filename of the file (if the filename is in 8.3 format).
  3. multiple file locations (URL s) where the file can be downloaded.
  4. a URL to a rich text file (.rtf) for Go!Zilla to monitor that contains announcements about the file.
  5. the URL of the file’s homepage (such as
  6. a user.
  7. friendly plain text name for the file (such as Quake 3).
  8. description text for the file.
  9. version of the file.
  10. file size of the file (64-bit file sizes will be supported by Go!Zilla 4.0).
  11. the name of the archive which contains the file (if the file is in an archive).
Although it was previously documented on the Go!Zilla site, it has since been removed. To use it you create links to .DMP files on your server. Go!Zilla (or another program) should download the DMP file, parse it and use the information therein for downloading the file.

File date and time are not currently stored within the DMP file; those attributes tend to vary across servers. However, the format is extensible and could store such information. Sun has a competing similar project called Java Web Start.

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