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Aka (Data Execution Prevention). For some reason, ever since the DOS days, Intel’s chips have muddled code and data together in the same blocks of RAM (Random Access Memory). This has been the source of a massive security problem. It is very easy for a program to go off the rails either accidentally or maliciously and start executing data as if it were code, or to allow a faulty or malicious program to modify code as if it were data. Intel/Microsoft are gradually trying to rectify this error. Modern CPUs (Central Processing Units) allow you to optionally separate code and data and have the hardware stop you from treating data as code or code as data. You have to turn this feature on in Windows 10.

  1. Right click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Click System and Security.
  4. Click System.
  5. Click Advanced system settings on the left.
  6. Click Advanced tab.
  7. Look at the bottom to see if your computer has DEP (Data Execution Prevention) hardware.
  8. Turn on DEP.

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