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If your business can be conducted with one small packet in and one small packet out, you can save the overhead of setting up a TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stream and use the simpler UDP (User Datagram Protocol) protocol. The packets it sends are called datagrams. The catch is, there is no guarantee of delivery. You use the Java classes DatagramPacket and DatagramSocket. SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) uses datagrams. You send a request datagram to an atomic time server and it sends you back a datagram with the current precise time.

Datagram protocols are great for peer to peer as well. That way a server just makes introductions and the clients talk directly to each other, allowing it to serve a huge base. Great for chat. That is how BitTorrent efficiently downloads massive files with little server overhead.

Ir nio, you can use DatagramChannels.

Learning More

Oracle’s Javadoc on Datagram class : available:
Oracle’s Javadoc on DatagramSocket class : available:
Oracle’s Javadoc on DatagramChannel class : available:

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