Colt : Java Glossary

I have left this tombstone entry for historical interest.

A Java class library for scientific calculations developed at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire). The distribution consists of several free libraries, under one single umbrella. Namely the Colt library, the Jet library, the JAL (Java Algorithm Library) library, the RngPack library and the VNI library. The original project appears to have died. However, there is now a parallel, multithread version. The Colt library provides fundamental general-purpose data structures optimized for numerical data, such as dense and sparse matrices (multi-dimensional arrays), resizable arrays, associative containers and buffer management. The Jet library contains mathematical and statistical tools for data analysis, powerful histogramming functionality, High Energy Physics constants, Random Number Generators and Distributions useful for (event) simulations and more. The JAL library, a partial port of the C++ Standard Template Library developed by Silicon Graphics, contains a wide range of efficiently coded general-purpose algorithms on arrays. The RngPack library contains random number generators. Finally, the VNI library contains mathematical functions and complex numbers.

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