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Colorado Software Summit

A Java technical conference held in the fall in Keystone Colorado. I attended and spoke at the 1997 and 1999 conferences. It was quite different from the usual conferences where the salespeople bore you to death with slides. Here they keep the sales types out. It was all developers (including those from the big companies like IBM (International Business Machines), Netscape and Oracle), talking tech and sharing code, from 7 AM to 9 PM each night. The conference organisers delivered far more than they promised. The continental breakfast and hot lunch were mountainous feasts. They were so huge, almost no one ate dinners as well. The accommodations were luxurious. My suite had two floors, a working fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, two TVs and access to a hot tub. It was a hoot. I highly recommend it. Only ill health keeps me away now, since it is held at 3.05 km (1.89 miles) altitude.

Colorado Summit meeting hall
Colorado Summit meeting hall

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