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collective nouns
By collective nouns, I mean the quaint custom in English of giving fanciful names of groups of animals, e. g. instead of a group of tigers, an ambush of tigers, an exaltation of larks, an outback of Aussies, known as the art of venery..
Collective Nouns: The Art of Venery : Singular × Collective
Singular Collectives
Aussie outback
Englishman pound
Pole solidarity
aardvark aarmory
actor cast
albatross rookery
alligator congregation
alpaca flock herd
angel chorus host
ant army bike colony nest swarm
antelope cluster herd
ape shrewdness troop
arrow quiver
ass coffle drove herd pace
asteroid belt
auk colony flock raft
baboon congress flange tribe troop
bachelor score
bacteria culture
badger cete colony company set
barracuda battery
bas shoal
bass fleet shoal
bassoonist flatulence
bat cloud colony
bear maul sleuth sloth slought
bear cub litter
beauty queen rictus
beaver colony family lodge
bee cluster colony grist hive hum nest swarm
beetle swarm
belly dancer convulsion
best-selling author royalty
bird aviary brace cast dissimulation fleet flight flock knob parcel
  plump volary volery
bison gang herd thunder troop
bittern flock sedge siege
bloodhound sute
boar herd singular sounder
bobolink chain
book stack
bovine herd
bride thrill
buffalo gang herd obstinacy troop
bullfinch bellowing
bullock drove
butterfly flight flutter rabble swarm
buzzard flock wake
camel caravan flock herd train
caribou herd
cat clowder cluster clutter colony destruction dout glaring glorying nuisance
cat kitten intrigue kindle litter
caterpillar army nest
cattle drove
cheetah coalition
chick brood chattering clutch
chicken battery brood clutch flock hatching peep
chimpanzee cartload
chinchilla colony
clam bed flaccidity
clause insanity
cobra quiver
cockroach intrusion swarm
cod lap school
colt rag rage rake
cony bury
coot cover
cormorant gulp
cow bow bunch draft drift drove flink herd kine mob
  pack team
coyote band pack rout
crab cast
crane flock herd sedge siege
credit card quicksand
cricket orchestra
critic shrivel
crocodile bask congregation float nest
crow horde hover murder muster parcel
cur cowardice
curlew herd
deer bevy brace bunch clash game gang herd leash mob
  parcel quarry
dermatologist rash
dog cowardice cry gang kennel legion mute pack
dolphin herd pod school team
donkey drove herd pace
dotterel trip
dove arc bevy cote dole duet dule flight paddling pitying
duck badling brace bunch flock gaggle paddling raft team waddling
eagle aerie brood convocation
earthworm herd
eel bed draft fry knot swarm wisp
egg clutch
elephant flock herd host memory parade
elk gang herd
emu mob
falcon cast passager
ferret business cast fesnying
finch charm chirm trembling trimming
fish cast catch draft draught drift drought haul nest run
  school shoal
flamingo flamboyance stand
fly business cloud community grist hatch swarm
flying fish glide
footnote tedium
fowl plump
fox earth lead leash skulk troop
frog army colony froggery knot
game gazebo
gerbil horde
giraffe corps group herd stretch tower troop
gnat cloud horde plague swarm
gnu herd implausibility
goat drove flock herd tribe trip
goldfinch charm chattering drum troubling vein
goldfish glint troubling
goon plunder
goose flock gaggle line nide skein wedge
gorilla band troop
grasshopper cloud cluster
greyhound gallop leash
grouse brace covey drumming pack
guinea pig group
gull colony pack
hamster horde
hare down drove flick husk kindle leap leash warren
hawk aerie boil cast kettle leash mews nye
hedgehog array nest prickle
hen battery brood mews parcel roost
heron hedge sedge siege
herring army glean shoal
hippopotamus bloat herd huddle pod
hog drift drove herd parcel passel
hornet bike nest swarm
horse band field harras herd mob pair stable string stud
  team troop
hound brace cry kennel mute pack
hummingbird charm chattering drum hover troubling
hyena cackle clan
impala herd
impressionist blur
information wealth
insect horde nest plague rabble swarm
island archipelago chain
jackrabbit husk
jay band party scold
jellyfish brood fluther smack smuck smuth
jewel cache
juggler neverthriving
kangaroo herd mob troop
key ring
kitten intrigue kendle kindle litter
knight banner rout
lady bevy
lamb fall
lapwing deceit desert
lark ascension bevy exaltation flight
lemur group
leopard leap prowl
leper colony
lice flock
lion pride sault sowse tribe troop
lizard lounge
llama herd
locust cloud host plague swarm
lorry convoy
louse colony flock infestation lice
mackerel school shoal
magpie charm flock gulp murder tiding tittering
mallard brace flush puddling sord
manatee herd
map atlas
marten richness
mathematician number set
men band
mice nest
midge bite
minnow shoal steam swarm
model slouch
mole company labor labour movement
money wad
monitor bank
monkey barrel carload cartload mission tribe troop
moose herd
mosquito scourge swarm
mountain range
mouse colony harvest horde mischief nest
mule barren pack rake span
mystery writer enigma
native tribe
nighthawk kettle
nightingale flock match route watch
noun collective
nudist hangout
nun superfluity
object collection
onlooker crowd
orangutan buffoonery
ostrich flock
otter bevy family lodge raft romp
owl parliament stare
ox drove herd nye span team yoke
oyster bed cast culch hive
parrot company flock pandemonium prattle
partridge bew covey pandemonium
peacock muster ostentation pride
pearl rope
pekinese pomp
pelican pod
penguin colony creche huddle parade parcel rookery
performer troupe
pheasant bouquet brood covey nest nide nye
philosopher ponder
pig drift drove flock herd hoggery litter parcel passel singular
  sounder team
pigeon dropping flight flock kit loft
piglet farrow litter
pilchard shoal
pistol brace
plover congregation leash wing
polar bear aurora pack
polecat chine
pony string
porcupine family prickle
porn star mount
porpoise crowd herd pod school shoal
possum passel
prairie dog coterie town
preacher converting
priest mass
programmer brace curse prickling
prose anthology
ptarmigan covey
publisher providence
puppy litter
quail bevy covey drift
quarterback pocket
quote blizzard
rabbit bevy bury colony drove herd nest trace trip warren
rabbit kitten litter nest wrack
raccoon gaze mask nursery
raptor cauldron kettle
rat colony horde mischief pack plague rabble swarm
rattlesnake rhumba
raven congress conspiracy parliament unkindness
rebuttal quiver
reindeer herd
rhinoceros crash herd stubbornness
robin round
roebuck bevy
romance writer bosum
rook building clamor clamour congregation pack parliament shoal
ruff hill
sadomasochist rack
sailor crew
salmon bind gib run school shoal
sandpiper fling
sardine can family
scorpion bed colony nest
sea bird wreck
sea fowl cloud
sea horse herd
seagull flock
seal bob harem herd pod rookery school spring team trip
senator house
shark school shiver shoal
sheep down drift drove flock fold herd hurtle mob pack
sheldrake doading
ship armada fleet flotilla
skunk stench surfeit
sloth bed
snail escargatoire rout walk
snake bed den knot nest pit slither swarm
snipe walk wisp
soldier brigade company division platoon squad
sparrow flight host quarrel tribe ubiquity
spider cluster clutter venom
springbok herd
squirrel colony dray scurry
stair flight
star galaxy
starling chattering cloud clutter murmuration
stick fagot
stoat pack trip
stork flight muster mustering
student class
submarine pack
swallow flight gulp rush swoop
swan ballet bank bevy flight flock game herd regatta team
swift flock
swine drift herd sounder
swordfish flotilla
tart jam
task agenda
teal diving spring
tennis game set
termite brood colony nest swarm
test battery
texter abbreviation
thief den skulk
thing bunch
thrush mutation
tiger ambush hide streak
toad knab knob knot lump nest
tortoise creep
toucan durante
tourist flock
trash heap
tree grove stand thicket
troop parel
trout hover leash troup
truck convoy
turkey dole flock gang posse raffle rafter
turtle bale bevy dole dule nest turn
turtle dove piteousness pitying
tweeter chirp
undertaker unction
unicorn blessing
vicar prudence
viper den generation nest
vulture wake
wager book
wallaby mob
walrus herd huddle pod ugly
wasp bike colony knot nest pail swarm
waterfowl plump
weasel colony gang pack sneak
whale gam grind herd mob pod school shoal
widgeon coil company
widow ambush
wikipedian page
wild boar sounder
winning purse
witch coven
wolf horde pack rout route
wombat mob warren wisdom
woodcock covey fall plump
woodpecker descent gatling
worm bed bunch clat clew
worshiper congregation
wren herd
yak herd
yeomen fellowship
young lady bevy
young oyster set
zebra cohort cohorts crossing herd stripe zeal
Collective Nouns: The Art of Venery : Collective × Singular
Collective Singulars
aarmory aardvark
abbreviation texter
aerie eagle hawk
agenda task
ambush tiger widow
anthology prose
arc dove
archipelago island
armada ship
army ant caterpillar frog herring
array hedgehog
ascension lark
atlas map
aurora polar bear
aviary bird
badling duck
bale turtle
ballet swan
band coyote gorilla horse jay men
bank monitor swan
banner knight
barrel monkey
barren mule
bask crocodile
battery barracuda chicken hen test
bed clam eel oyster scorpion sloth snake worm
bellowing bullfinch
belt asteroid
bevy deer dove lady lark otter quail rabbit roebuck swan
  turtle young lady
bew partridge
bike ant hornet wasp
bind salmon
bite midge
blessing unicorn
blizzard quote
bloat hippopotamus
blur impressionist
bob seal
boil hawk
book wager
bosum romance writer
bouquet pheasant
bow cow
brace bird deer duck grouse hound mallard pistol programmer
brigade soldier
brood chick chicken eagle hen jellyfish pheasant termite
buffoonery orangutan
building rook
bunch cow deer duck thing worm
bury cony rabbit
business ferret fly
cache jewel
cackle hyena
can sardine
caravan camel
carload monkey
cartload chimpanzee monkey
cast actor bird crab falcon ferret fish hawk oyster
catch fish
cauldron raptor
cete badger
chain bobolink island
charm finch goldfinch hummingbird magpie
chattering chick goldfinch hummingbird starling
chine polecat
chirm finch
chirp tweeter
chorus angel
clamor rook
clamour rook
clan hyena
clash deer
class student
clat worm
clew worm
cloud bat fly gnat grasshopper locust sea fowl starling
clowder cat
cluster antelope bee cat grasshopper spider
clutch chick chicken egg
clutter cat spider starling
coalition cheetah
coffle ass
cohort zebra
cohorts zebra
coil widgeon
collection object
collective noun
colony ant auk badger bat beaver bee cat chinchilla frog
  gull leper louse mouse penguin rabbit rat scorpion squirrel
  termite wasp weasel
community fly
company badger mole parrot soldier widgeon
congregation alligator crocodile plover rook worshiper
congress baboon raven
conspiracy raven
converting preacher
convocation eagle
convoy lorry truck
convulsion belly dancer
corps giraffe
cote dove
coterie prairie dog
coven witch
cover coot
covey grouse partridge pheasant ptarmigan quail woodcock
cowardice cur dog
crash rhinoceros
creche penguin
creep tortoise
crew sailor
crossing zebra
crowd onlooker porpoise
cry dog hound
culch oyster
culture bacteria
curse programmer
deceit lapwing
den snake thief viper
descent woodpecker
desert lapwing
destruction cat
dissimulation bird
diving teal
division soldier
doading sheldrake
dole dove turkey turtle
dout cat
down hare sheep
draft cow eel fish
draught fish
dray squirrel
drift cow fish hog pig quail sheep swine
dropping pigeon
drought fish
drove ass bullock cattle cow donkey goat hare hog ox
  pig rabbit sheep
drum goldfinch hummingbird
drumming grouse
duet dove
dule dove turtle
durante toucan
earth fox
enigma mystery writer
escargatoire snail
exaltation lark
fagot stick
fall lamb woodcock
family beaver otter porcupine sardine
farrow piglet
fellowship yeomen
fesnying ferret
field horse
flaccidity clam
flamboyance flamingo
flange baboon
flatulence bassoonist
fleet bass bird ship
flick hare
flight bird butterfly dove lark pigeon sparrow stair stork swallow
fling sandpiper
flink cow
float crocodile
flock alpaca auk bird bittern buzzard camel chicken crane duck
  elephant goat goose lice louse magpie nightingale ostrich parrot
  pig pigeon seagull sheep swan swift tourist turkey
flotilla ship swordfish
flush mallard
fluther jellyfish
flutter butterfly
fold sheep
froggery frog
fry eel
gaggle duck goose
galaxy star
gallop greyhound
gam whale
game deer swan
gang bison buffalo deer dog elk turkey weasel
gatling woodpecker
gaze raccoon
gazebo game
generation viper
gib salmon
glaring cat
glean herring
glide flying fish
glint goldfish
glorying cat
grind whale
grist bee fly
group giraffe guinea pig lemur
grove tree
gulp cormorant magpie swallow
hangout nudist
harem seal
harras horse
harvest mouse
hatch fly
hatching chicken
haul fish
heap trash
hedge heron
herd alpaca antelope ass bison boar bovine buffalo camel caribou
  cow crane curlew deer dolphin donkey earthworm elephant elk
  giraffe gnu goat hippopotamus hog horse impala kangaroo llama
  manatee moose ox pig porpoise rabbit reindeer rhinoceros sea horse
  seal sheep springbok swan swine walrus whale wren yak
hide tiger
hill ruff
hive bee oyster
hoggery pig
horde crow gerbil gnat hamster insect mouse rat wolf
host angel elephant locust sparrow
house senator
hover crow hummingbird trout
huddle hippopotamus penguin walrus
hum bee
hurtle sheep
husk hare jackrabbit
implausibility gnu
infestation louse
insanity clause
intrigue cat kitten kitten
intrusion cockroach
jam tart
kendle kitten
kennel dog hound
kettle hawk nighthawk raptor
kindle cat kitten hare kitten
kine cow
kit pigeon
knab toad
knob bird toad
knot eel frog snake toad wasp
labor mole
labour mole
lap cod
lead fox
leap hare leopard
leash deer fox greyhound hare hawk plover trout
legion dog
lice louse
line goose
litter bear cub cat kitten kitten pig piglet puppy rabbit kitten
lodge beaver otter
loft pigeon
lounge lizard
lump toad
mask raccoon
mass priest
match nightingale
maul bear
memory elephant
mews hawk hen
mischief mouse rat
mission monkey
mob cow deer emu horse kangaroo sheep wallaby whale wombat
mount porn star
movement mole
murder crow magpie
murmuration starling
muster crow peacock stork
mustering stork
mutation thrush
mute dog hound
nest ant bee caterpillar crocodile fish hedgehog hornet insect mice
  mouse pheasant rabbit rabbit kitten scorpion snake termite toad turtle
  viper wasp
neverthriving juggler
nide goose pheasant
nuisance cat
number mathematician
nursery raccoon
nye hawk ox pheasant
obstinacy buffalo
orchestra cricket
ostentation peacock
outback Aussie
pace ass donkey
pack cow coyote dog grouse gull hound mule polar bear rat
  rook sheep stoat submarine weasel wolf
paddling dove duck
page wikipedian
pail wasp
pair horse
pandemonium parrot partridge
parade elephant penguin
parcel bird crow deer hen hog penguin pig
parel troop
parliament owl raven rook
party jay
passager falcon
passel hog pig possum
peep chicken
pit snake
piteousness turtle dove
pitying dove turtle dove
plague gnat insect locust rat
platoon soldier
plump bird fowl waterfowl woodcock
plunder goon
pocket quarterback
pod dolphin hippopotamus pelican porpoise seal walrus whale
pomp pekinese
ponder philosopher
posse turkey
pounce cat
pound Englishman
prattle parrot
prickle hedgehog porcupine
prickling programmer
pride lion peacock
providence publisher
prowl leopard
prudence vicar
puddling mallard
purse winning
quarrel sparrow
quarry deer
quicksand credit card
quiver arrow cobra rebuttal
rabble butterfly insect rat
rack sadomasochist
raffle turkey
raft auk duck otter
rafter turkey
rag colt
rage colt
rake colt mule
range mountain
rash dermatologist
regatta swan
rhumba rattlesnake
richness marten
rictus beauty queen
ring key
romp otter
rookery albatross penguin seal
roost hen
rope pearl
round robin
rout coyote knight snail wolf
route nightingale wolf
royalty best-selling author
run fish salmon
rush swallow
sault lion
school cod dolphin fish mackerel porpoise salmon seal shark whale
scold jay
score bachelor
scourge mosquito
scurry squirrel
sedge bittern crane heron
set badger mathematician tennis game young oyster
shiver shark
shoal bas bass fish herring mackerel minnow pilchard porpoise rook
  salmon shark whale
shrewdness ape
shrivel critic
siege bittern crane heron
singular boar pig
skein goose
skulk fox thief
sleuth bear
slither snake
sloth bear
slouch model
slought bear
smack jellyfish
smuck jellyfish
smuth jellyfish
sneak weasel
solidarity Pole
sord mallard
sounder boar pig swine wild boar
sowse lion
span mule ox
spring seal teal
squad soldier
stable horse
stack book
stand flamingo tree
stare owl
steam minnow
stench skunk
streak tiger
stretch giraffe
string horse pony
stripe zebra
stubbornness rhinoceros
stud horse
superfluity nun
surfeit skunk
sute bloodhound
swarm ant bee beetle butterfly cockroach eel fly gnat hornet
  insect locust minnow mosquito rat snake termite wasp
swoop swallow
team cow dolphin duck horse ox pig seal swan
tedium footnote
thicket tree
thrill bride
thunder bison
tiding magpie
tittering magpie
tower giraffe
town prairie dog
trace rabbit
train camel
trembling finch
tribe baboon goat lion monkey native sparrow
trimming finch
trip dotterel goat rabbit seal sheep stoat
troop ape baboon bison buffalo dove fox giraffe gorilla horse
  kangaroo lion monkey
troubling goldfinch goldfish hummingbird
troup trout
troupe performer
turn turtle
ubiquity sparrow
ugly walrus
unction undertaker
unkindness raven
vein goldfinch
venom spider
volary bird
volery bird
wad money
waddling duck
wake buzzard vulture
walk snail snipe
warren hare rabbit wombat
watch nightingale
wealth information
wedge goose swan
wing plover
wisdom wombat
wisp eel snipe
wrack rabbit kitten
wreck sea bird
yoke ox
zeal zebra


book cover recommend book⇒An Exaltation of Larks, the Ultimate Editionto book home
by James Lipton 978-0-14-017096-2 paperback
birth 1926-09-19 age:91 978-0-670-30044-0 hardcover
publisher Penguin
published 1993-11-01
Not only does this book teach you the proper group names, e.g. a pride of lions, an ambush of tigers, an exaltation of larks, it teaches you the history of how this quaint collective name system got started. In medieval times knights would haze their pages making them memorise these fanciful group names hooting with laughter at any mistakes.
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