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A Windows utility that checks the integrity of the file system and repairs damage. You should run it on all drives after any crash. You invoke it with Start ⇒ Computer ⇒ right click X: ⇒ properties ⇒ tools ⇒ check now ⇒ check scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

Or you trigger it from a run-as-administrator command line.

chkdsk C: /R
ChkDsk switches
switch meaning
/B reevaluate bad clusters plus /R.
/R surface check plus /F.
/F repair damage.
nothing detect damage, but do not repair it.

Sometimes Windows 10 will do the chkdsk right away. Other times it will defer it to the next reboot.

In Windows 10, the reboot chkdsk progress will freeze for perhaps 15 minutes at a time, completely unresponsive to the mouse and keyboard, maliciously simulating a freeze. You just have to be patient.

ChkDsk normally requires a reboot to work. The screen often goes blank. Just hit shift to prod it along. Often the screen will stay blank. As long as the hard disk light is blinking, all is well. Sometimes the fool thing does the checks on each partition twice. The whole process can take hours, so don’t schedule it when you will need your computer.

Rem change the size of the $LogFile on C: to 65,536K
chkdsk C: /L:65536

rem correct scrambled files
chkdsk C: /F

rem test surfaces (very time consuming)
chkdsk C: /R
CheckDrive: free utility to test hard drives
memory test

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