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Chinese has a large alphabet of characters. Either you must have a native Unicode font, or a number of 8-bit fonts stitched together to cover the needed characters. With NT, Unicode is the way to go. If you are using a version of Java prior to 1.2, that is your only option. With Windows 95/98, you must stitch. It is not necessary to call Locale. setDefault(). Set up to include the correct fonts and use setFont with one of the defined virtual fonts from the file. If you have a native Unicode font installed, you can setFont that directly. Arial supports Chinese on the PC (Personal Computer) and Mac but not Linux. To be certain of running, your app may have to include its own font, or you may have to test each platform separately to find a suitable built-in font.

I am sorry I cannot be more help. I don’t speak Chinese and I have no experience porting applications to Chinese.

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