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cherry pitting
Novice window users can often get a window either totally offscreen or so far off screen they can’t drag it back with the mouse. They have to call in a nerd to retrieve it for them using keystroke commands. This is similar to a little girl who pokes a cherry pit so far up her nose she requires medical assistance to get it out, hence the name cherry pitting. The Macintosh has system properties to prevent cherry pitting.

There is a similar problem with apps that let you shrink a window so much it either disappears, or all but disappears, or is too small to drag back to proper size again. O & O Defrag 11.5 has this problem with the drive window. If you inadertently drag it too small, it is easy to forget it ever existed.

The problem also shows up in JTables where the user can shrink the width of a column so small it either disappears or can’t be fluffed up again.

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