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Braces, also known as curly braces, look like this { }. Java uses them for surrounding the bodies of loops, methods and classes.

Other bracketing pairs to consider are:

Various Bracketing Characters
Name Appearance HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Hex
parentheses ( ) ( ) &#x28 &#x29
brackets [ ] [ ] &#x5b &#x5d
braces { } { } &#x7b &#x7d
angle brackets < > &lt; &gt; &#x3c &#x3d
guillemots « » &laquo; &raquo; &#xab &#xbb
arrows &larr; &rarr; &#x2110 &#x2192
double arrows &lArr; &rArr; &#x21d0 &#x21d2

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