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Peter C. Mehlitz of BISS has done some remarkable things with the AWT (Advanced Windowing Toolkit). The demo I saw at the Java Colorado Software Summit Conference was very impressive. There are three parts to the BISS package:
  1. It’s a widget framework of portable (standard AWT based) lightweights that completely coexist with other Components. This is in the package biss.awt. These include rich text components and layout managers. It works much the way Swing does. Both BISS-AWT and JFC-Swing are just another add-on on top of a plain AWT.
  2. It contains a small (but constantly enhanced) IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which also serves as an example of how to use the widgets. The package biss.jde, mainly consists of a class browser and a graphical layout tool.
  3. They re-implemented java.awt (currently with a native layer for kaffe / Xlib), with the "high level" java.awt widgets built on top of biss.awt (sounds somewhat recursive, but makes a very small code base).

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