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background checks

Various online services will let you inexpensively do background checks on people. You must sign up for a year and pay about $60 for unlimited searches. You can find out such things as:

A different set of companies do credit checks.

This sort of information used to take considerable sleuthing to track down. Now it is handed to you on a plate. Any old busy body can pry on all her neighbours just for the fun of it.

Advanced Background Checks/PeopleSmart use an automaton to respond to pre-sales queries. It just looks for keywords in your query and sends you a copy of a page on the website you have already read that might be relevant. It twice totally missed the mark. Alternatively, the support people might not speak English and effectively do the same thing. Don’t even bother asking them a question.
Advanced Background Checks: no PayPal
genealogy no PayPal
PeopleSmart: take PayPal
Triton: background checks in Canada by businesses
Wikipedia on background checks

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