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Creative people enjoy cross-pollinating ideas from different spots on the space/time/belief-space continuum. Some ideas don’t transplant well, hence:
All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.
~ Victor Hugo (1802-02-26 1885-05-22 age:83)
A extraordinarily creative person might plant 100,000 idea seeds over her lifetime. There is no time to plant each seed individually, wait to see if it sprouts and then nurse it to maturity. If you want an orchard, you have to plant as many seeds as you can and trust each individual seed to take care of itself. The term comes from the American legend of Johnny Appleseed, a man who spent his life planting appleseeds, leaving thousands of orchards in his wake. My Mom told me that inventors are not the people clever at figuring out how to do something, but those clever enough to perceive the need to do it.

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