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An anonymiser lets you send anonymous email or post anoynmously to newsgroups. Simply posting under a phony name gives you next to no anonymity. I can’t think of any legitimate reasons for sending anonymous email, except to warn someone of a threat. The reasons for posting anonymously to newsgroups include: Anonymisers protect you only from being known to the general public. They won’t protect you from organisations such as the Taliban or the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The conservative assumption is that anonymisers are run by the CIA/TIA, or will quickly cave into pressure from such. The same applies to any anonymising software.


Let’s say you used an anonymiser late at night and you were the only user. A professional hacker watching your stream going in knows it matches the single anonymised stream going out. Let’s say you visit a porn site once a day. The hacker can track where the incoming streams are coming from and the outgoing anononimised streams are going over a week or two. He would notice that someone goes to every time you login. It does not take much deduction to figure out it is you. All this is going to do is make it more awkward for someone to track you. The anonymiser is primarily to stop from figuring out who you are.

People eventually give themselves away by accidentally posting an anonymous message without an anonymiser, or by accidentally posting an ordinary message anonymously, or even by their style, spelling and vocabulary.

You can find anonymiser sites with google. Most are hard to use. Most are awkward to use. I have no idea how to judge how trustworthy each one is.

Anonymizer Universal: pay anonymising service lets you set up a free anonymous web-based email account. They insist on knowing your real name and email account though
Anonymouse: free British/German anonymising service
FreeProxy: free Canadian anonymising/proxy service
List of Anonymiser services
Wikipedia on anonimisers

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