Anti-Gay Villains

In general, most societies were fairly tolerant of homosexuality until the Christians came along (e.g. India). Christians poisoned Africa. Where I live in British Columbia, Canada, the problem is/was almost exclusively Christian. There was also some Sikh violence against gays. You never see Jews doing it, even though their book started it all. Muslims are a minority so do not throw their weight around. Secular society here is completely supportive. We have marriage equality here. The objections to gays being permitted to marry or even exist are invariably couched in fundamentalist Christian terms. I see such arguments as automatically invalid. You can’t impose your unsubstantiated nutty religious superstitions on others with force of law. That is what freedom of religion is for. You have no more right to do that forcing people to observe religious ceremonies, like making burnt offerings, throwing virgins in volcanoes or circumcising your male and/or female children. You could legitimately argue against gay marriage, but you would have talk about real cost/benefits to society, not mad rantings about what some invisible man on a cloud would prefer.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)