Is Being Gay A Choice?

Bigots insist that gays choose to be gay. They also insist that they can easily tell if someone is gay just by looking at them, and that they can tell even when the gay person is still a toddler. If this were so, at what age did the child decide to be gay? How did the child even know such a choice existed? By what mechanism did their appearance change after they decided to be gay, so bigots could tell they had already chosen to be gay? How is it that no one can remember choosing to be either gay or straight?

Science tells us sexuality is determined in the womb by the constituents of a hormone soup the fetus bathes in. When a person decides to be atheist, is there a similar change in appearance? Of course, not. So if being gay were a choice, it should not change appearance as bigots claim. This all contradicts itself. Being gay cannot be a choice.

I was very distressed about being gay when I was a teen. I decided to commit suicide by lowering myself off a raft into an icy mountain lake where I had often gone fishing, weighed down with rocks, if I could not make myself straight by my 21st birthday. Happily friends talked me out of it. Hundreds of gay teens every year commit suicide because they cannot change. How could this be if becoming straight were as simple as making a choice?

Reparative therapy has been declared fraudulent and illegal in Ontario, California, Illinois and Oregon. Reparative therapy is not an option. They have not had a single success.

If it is a choice, then a noble Christian male could choose to be gay for 10 minutes then choose back, to show us all how it is done. They don’t have to have gay sex, just prefer males to females for that 10 minutes. They can’t do it. They can’t force themselves to find females disgusting and males enticing. Surprise. Gays can’t force themselves to find males disgusting and females enticing either even for 10 minutes.

You may notice that those who insist most loudly that being gay is a choice are not gay and have no gay friends. How would they know? Have they no shame they can’t even find one poster boy who claims he was gay and chose to be straight? To be straight, you must not only stop having sex with males, you must give up your desire for males.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)