Outer Philias

As an out gay person, I have put up with so much shit from straight people. The most ignorant, fat, unwashed, heterosexual slob imagines his worth is infinitely greater than mine. He gets his jollies jeering at me and threatening to kill me.

Consider what it must be like for the outer philias (unusual sexual attractions) that are far more rare than being gay. They get even more shit dumped on them just for being what they are. Their deepest desires are often criminalised. They are expected to forgo sex entirely for their entire lives. They are much more alone. It must be a truly miserable lot being saddled with one of the outer philias.

They did not choose it any more than I chose to be gay. I for one, am going to use my head rather than my prejudices to try to avoid dumping on them and I will do my best to protect them from being bullied by straights. Some people feel a need to hurt others for their sexual gratification. Obviously I don’t want anyone hurt (unless they want to be), but, I also don’t want to make life unnecessarily miserable for even them by interfering with their fantasy lives.

I am revolted by the self-righteous Christians to gratuitously make life miserable for anyone not like them. They did not choose or strive to be heterosexual (or Christian for that matter). Heterosexuals have no right to be so damn proud of it.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)