Paedophile Witch Hunts

Sometimes victims of paedophiles like to speak to the media calling for society or the law to crucify their attacker. They are consumed with hate, shame and anger. They can’t get on with their life until the attacker is destroyed. Usually, even that is not enough. When the event occurred when the victim was in his or her late teens, most likely something quite different was in play than when the victim was a child.

Here is what I think most often happens. Humans are horniest in their teens. They are willing participants in pretty well any sexual activity. They may seek out adults or anyone/anything else who will respond sexually.

However, a few years later they may come under the influence of Christians or other prudes who convince them what was did was the most disgraceful thing imaginable, worse even than torturing a child or killing a Muslim. They feel great shame and wish they had not indulged. Further, they still feel horny for much the same experiences, but they don’t want to admit it. This leads to self-loathing. They use one or more of their former sex partners as a scapegoat. Their new Christian friends urge them on in the witch hunt.

Teens believe in true love and unique soul mates. They often project onto their first sexual experience the expectation of a follow-on death-do-us-part relationship. When their older partner dumps them, they are shattered and resentful. They become easy pickings for Christians who offer them an illegitimate way to get even.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)