Sexual Preference

Here is way to understand hetero, homo and bisexuality. Imagine standing before you were all the people on earth past the age of consent. Your job was to sort them order from most to least sexually desirable. If you were a 100% heterosexual male or 100% lesbian, you would place almost all the females (even the toothless, 500 pound, one-eyed grannies with leprosy) ahead of all the males (even the most famous movie stars and athletes). If you were 100% heterosexual female or 100% gay male, you would place almost all the males (even people as repulsive as Rush Limbaugh) ahead of all the females (even the most famous movie and pop stars). If you were bisexual, there would be both males and females near the head and tail of the list. Even Christians have a list and they have a list they think others should use. Trying to force others to use an incompatible list, for example, forcing a heterosexual male to select his partners using a homosexual male list, or vice versa, is a revolting and an incredible imposition. Christians have been doing it for centuries without shame.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)