Why We Should Combat Christianity

Here are some of the reasons I have come to detest Christians and to believe we must try to derail their foul religion. The most important reasons are near the top.

  1. Christians impose their religious superstitions about end-of-life and physician-assisted suicide on non-believers.
  2. Christians harassed the families of those who jumped on 9-11 to escape the flames. Christians claimed anything other that burning to death was suicide, a mortal sin worth of eternal torment. That is so sick, so sadistic.
  3. Christians eagerly await the end of the world in a fiery conflagration. They even do things like foment trouble in Israel to bring it on.
  4. Christian interfere with organ donations and transplants.
  5. Christians delight in doing whatever they can to make the lives of gay people as miserable as possible.
  6. Christians impose their religious superstitions about contraception and abortion on non-believers.
  7. Christians are so arrogant, with such an inflated sense of entitlement, that they feel they have a natural right to impose their beliefs on others, but won’t even tolerate others building a temple.
  8. Christians prefer wishful thinking to what is obviously true from the evidence.
  9. Christians endlessly lie they know things for certain that are mere speculation.
  10. Christians of some denominations such as the Catholics and Anglicans aid and abet priests to spend a lifetime molesting and raping children.
  11. Christians lie to the elderly and feeble minded to con them out of their life savings with preposterous empty promises.
  12. Christians destroy the natural curiosity of children and turn them into pig-headed ignorant boobs too afraid to reason or experiment.
  13. Christians make people afraid to think. They train people to accept whatever they are told without question.
  14. Christians tell endless lies about science and history. They repeatedly deliberately misrepresent what science has to say. This is not just ignorance. It is deliberate malice.
  15. Republican-fundamentalist Christianity popular in the USA is completely counter to the teachings of Jesus. It is pro-war. It is against helping the poor or sick. It is all about accumulating power. It is racist. It is all about bullying others and meddling in their affairs.
  16. Professional Christians (especially televangelists and phony faith healers) are parasites on the body politic, accumulating vast wealth while paying no taxes.
  17. Most Christian music and art is unbearably dreary or kitsch.

Let me make it clear. Even though these loons have threatened to kill me on over 3,200 occasions, in no way am I calling for Christians to be harmed or shunned. I call for trying to convert them, to persuade them to give up their cruel religious superstitions and arrogance. I also call for political action to block them from imposing their religious superstitions on others by force or through law. Christians are innocent brainwashing victims of the previous generation of Christians, just as they are the victimisers of their children. Christianity is an evil superstition passed from generation to generation without rational thought, like female circumcision. The way I see it, they are suffering from a mental illness, one so common that psychiatrists have not dared to label it so.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)