Picking A Religion

I have always been interested in religions. Here are some notes on helping you pick one.

Main Religions
Buddhism Very undogmatic. They tell you to simply ignore any dogma you don’t like. Reincarnation is more plausible than heaven/hell. Their reincarnation scheme integrates other species. Usually peaceful though a rogue militant sect has arisen in Sri Lanka.
Christianity Kitsch. Most important precept is harassing gays. Most Christians ignore most of the rest of the bible. Aimed at the aggressively stupid. The god Yahweh is intensely evil, but Christians are so afraid of him they pretend not to notice. Their main selling point is Yahweh will torture you if you reject their religion. Species chauvinism. Anti environment.
Greek Polytheistic. Many imaginative stories intended to be taken metaphorically. The gods do not pretend to be omnipotent, omnibenevolent etc.
Hinduism Garish. Joyful. Very superstitious. Adherents spend hours a day in rituals. Big on flowers.
Islam The Qur’an is more plausible as a work of a deity than the bible. It is also more reasonable. Adherents are rigid fundamentalists happy to kill people in gruesome ways for the most trivial reasons. Reading the Qur’an will give you nightmares for months.
Jain Extreme reverence for life. Vegetarian. Wear masks to avoid inhaling insects.
Judaism Christianity is based on Judaism, but Judaism is much more relaxed and rational, except for the Zionists. No hell.
Norse Polytheistic. Many entertaining stories, tending to be gorier than the Greek.
Mormonism Joseph Smith, a convicted con man, founded the religion in 1830. The stories of how he conned his neighbours with his preposterous stories is a monument to gullibility. Mormons tend to be healthy and good looking. They have a strong sense of community.
Roman Like Greek, with new names and a few additions. Emperors liked to declare themselves gods.
Scientology A practical joke that people took seriously. L. Ron Hubbard said he created it for the money.
Taoism Raise vagueness and multiple meanings to high art. Poetic. Concerned more with what you have to do for practical success than philosophical moral principles.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)