Sex Crimes

I think the law surrounding sex crimes needs revision for three reasons:

  1. Laws lump together widely different crimes under one category. For example, they sometimes treat child anal rape and having sex with a horny 19 year old as equally wicked.
  2. They try to enforce Christian notions of morality into law.
  3. They treat men and women unequally.

There should be nothing illegal with sex in itself, even if the parties are not married, if both parties are gay, if more than one person is present… These are matters of private morality, not law. You don’t need the law preventing people from violating some elderly Christian biddy’s notion of morality. You only need the law to protect people from harm.

Why should sex sometimes be illegal?

I don’t think sex should be illegal just because one party bribed the other with money, food, entertainment, a house, jewelry etc. That is a matter of morality not the law. Even the promise to provide in marriage until death do us part is a sort of bribe. It would be quite strange to be consistent and ban marriage too.

There are many sexual things other people do that I find exceedingly gross (including having babies and talking dirty during sex). However, unless someone is harmed, I don’t think the law has any business meddling.

I see two exceptions to these principles.

  1. Children are assumed too young to give informed consent, but I don’t think the law should meddle in their sex play with each other. That is a matter for parental discretion.
  2. Given that the earth is being destroyed by overpopulation, there needs to be a limit on the number of children you can have. This means it should be illegal for some people to have unprotected vaginal sex.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)