Denying Same Sex Couples

On 2012-05-08 the people of North Carolina voted 61% to 39% to deny all legal recognition of same sex couples — no marriage, no civil unions, no pensions, no wills, no recognition of the relationships in any form by amending the state constitution. Two groups were behind the initiative: fundamentalist Christians and Black churches.

You might think they had a religious objection to gay people and believed they had a religious obligation to impose their religious beliefs, superstitions, taboos and torments on them, but that is not true, any more than those who quoted Genesis 9:25-27 to justify slavery had a religious objection. These phony Christians have only a religious excuse for persecution.

Whether gays are permitted to marry or not has zero effect on the marriages of those who oppose it. The bigots will never interact with married same sex couples. There is no self-interest here, just pure malice.

In my gay lib days I received on average of 350 abusive phone calls and 3 death threats a day. If the callers were motivated by religion, surely they would have made a pitch to accept Jesus. Nope. They just enjoyed dumping on me and feeling thoroughly virtuous quoting Leviticus 18:22 decorated with obscenity. They all have a bullying problem. Christians are simply using gays as their scapegoat, just like Nazis use Jews, or Jews use Palestinians. Bullies will even go after children they suspect belong (or will belong) to the scapegoat group. These hypocrites have been wrapping themselves in the bible, pretending they are motivated by high moral principles, but they are just garden variety bullies.

But what’s with the black churches? Don’t they know that gay people helped them gain equality? Don’t they remember what is like to be denied full personhood? Auden observed, Those to whom evil is done do evil in return. The blacks in these churches are simply choosing their own scapegoat and persecuting as they were persecuted.

The Jews did the same thing when they became free. They started persecuting the Palestinians. However, I still don’t excuse them for this. In the Luke 10:11 sense, I wipe the dust from my feet in contempt for these bigot bullies.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)