Religious Exceptions

There are Christians demanding special exemptions to murder gays, to harass them, to refuse them service, including medical care, to bully them, to beat them up. From the gay point of view, these exemptions are madness. They are based on a bronze age superstition that requires sacrificing gays to prevent earthquakes. From the gay point of view, putting up with this maltreatment is quite an imposition just to humour lunatics.

Christians are also demanding special exemptions to murder their own children by denying them medical care, refusing vaccinations and by severely beating them.

Even non-Christians still think of religious exceptions as having very high priority, when in reality they are just the ravings of the deluded. We can permit Christian superstitions and protect them, but only when they don’t cause harm to others. It is madness to sacrifice a child so that some adult can enjoy the luxury of indulging in a superstition. Religious rights shouldn’t trump other people’s right to life and liberty.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)