Christians Maltreat Gays

Christians are insanely cruel to gays. Whether gays have sex or not, Christians still claim they should be stoned to death, or if they are not so fundamentalist, at least persecuted. Whether gays have sex or not, Christians want to deny them equal civil rights. Even though the constitution says you may not force your religious beliefs/superstitions on others, Christians ignore that provision when it comes to gays. Christians accuse gays of promiscuity, then deny them the right to monogamous marriages. The only option Christians offer to gay men is to marry women, whom they feel no attraction to. Imagine the tables were reversed and gays treated Christians that way, offering them the only option of a same-sex marriage and barring them from marrying opposite sex Christians. This meddling is so irrational, since gay relationships have no effect on Christians whatsoever. The fear of same-sex relationships has no rational basis. It is just an ancient superstition, based on the faulty belief that same-sex relationships cause earthquakes.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)