Paedophilia and Witchcraft

There are some disturbing parallels between public reaction to witchcraft and paedophilia.

Parallels between Witchcraft and paedophilia
Feature Witchcraft Paedophilia
Accused presumed guilty, even if accused anonymously without evidence?
Accusations use vague, ill-defined terminology so no one knows precisely what is being alleged?
Convictions are possible even if the accused did nothing to the victim, just thought, looked at, said or wrote something?
Evidence of innocence is admissible?
Do men commonly accuse men?
Do men commonly accuse women?
Do women commonly accuse men?
Do women commonly accuse women?
Is false accusation a popular means of smearing or getting revenge?
If the accuser recants, the testimony still stands?
Accused and victim must be in proximity at the time of the alleged crime?
Confessions typically extracted under duress?
Confessions typically extracted by torture?
Is there a statute of limitations to ensure accurate evidence used at trial?
Typically punished by burning at the stake?
Typically punished by public execution?
Typically punished by vigilante execution?
Accusation results in lifetime stigma?

Examples of Vague Terminology

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)