Creationist View Of Evolution

Evolution teaches us that there is no god, no heaven, no hell and that people are nothing more that advanced pond-scum and morality is arbitrary to whatever the majority of chemical reactions do at a given moment in time.

~ (1977-01-01 age:41) is Ken Ham’s bogus international charity. Its function is to spread disinformation about evolution, not perform charitable works. If you look in the index of any textbook on evolution you will not find any of the following words indexed god, heaven, hell, afterlife or morality. Evolution is about how descendants gradually change over time, not metaphysics. Evolution contradicts the story of Genesis on how species came to exist all at once 6000 years ago and Noah’s ark. It is the creationists who then assume if those stories are inaccurate that everything else they believe must also be false. Evolutionists, qua evolutionists, have no opinion on such matters. God, heaven, hell, afterlife and morality are religious questions, not biological ones. Of course, the failure of the bible’s claim to inerrancy, demonstrated by evolution and science in general, disillusioned many Christians.

Humans and pond-scum in the far distant past shared a common ancestor. That does not mean that humans are pond scum any more than you are Genghis Khan just because he happened to be a distant cousin.

Why do the people knowingly promote these lies?