Clockwork Orange

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio featured a psychologist who breezily explained how he cured people of sexual deviance. He defined defiance as anything but adult heterosexual attraction. He would diagnose his subjects by getting them drunk then measuring erections while showing the subject a wide range of pornography. Anyone who responded to anything but adult heterosexual pornography was deemed a pervert in need of treatment with chemical castration. If the subject protested that what he did in his sex life or fantasies harmed no one, the psychologist considered this evidence of pathology. He was brimming with Christian zeal though the did not mention religion explicitly. To him, what was right and what was wrong were absolutes that were not open to any sort of debate.

He was not a mean person. He sincerely felt he was a providing a humanitarian service. It never dawned on him that he was imitating art in A Clockwork Orange.

Because he was such a sweet little man, I think many listeners would have been seduced by his message. However, recall that a man, just like him, drove the greatest computer scientist of all time, Alan Turing, to suicide, by forcing him to take estrogen and grow breasts, supposedly to cure his illness, homosexuality.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)