Wealth Gap

The Republicans try to convince me the wealth gap is natural and righteous, that one individual should have hundreds of billions of dollars to use for whatever pleasure or mischief they please, where others have no money at all, (in Africa, not even a dime). They even try to persuade me that the public should further reward the rich by giving them money in the hopes these gods will take pity and provide jobs. It reminds me of sacrificing virgin daughters to the volcano gods. There is no other animal species with this sort of yawning wealth gap. It was not a part of any primitive human society either. It is an urban phenomenon. It started with religious con men, the pharaohs who tricked the people into thinking they were gods. It extended with the divine right of kings to spend the public’s money on personal pleasures. But it did not really get going until the renaissance, with the Medici and the invention of modern finance and usury.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)