Pedestrian Safety

I was trapped out in the big Victoria storm of 2014-10 on my bike. I was astounded how so many pedestrians dressed head to toe in black. In the blinding headlights, pelting rain and dark they were all but invisible to bikes and cars. One young cyclist who swerved in front of me was similarly all in black with no lights or reflectors.

We need to start pressing night pedestrians and cyclists to:

If you won’t wear reflective gear for yourself, do it for the poor driver who hits you or barely misses you and just about has a heart attack.

Gift of Survival

Why not give reflective gear as gifts to your pedestrian and cyclist friends to let them know you want them to stay alive? The elderly need the most prodding. A gift is emotional blackmail on them to use it.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)