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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Wow : James Andrews PFC (Private First Class) : : 2009-12-17

Id love to have this posted. I cant even decide where to begin. You are the most liberal, piece of trash I have ever seen. You are telling me that I kill children and women and innocent civillians.

You have a novel way of persuading people to help you get your works published. smiley. Soldiers are professional killers. You are a soldier. Whether you have actually killed people or not is merely a matter of time, efficiency and opportunity. You obviously longed to do so, or you would not taken such a shit job, with long hours, horrible working conditions, low pay and a high risk of death, injury or disease.

Nearly everyone in America over the age of 12 watched American soldiers bombing the residential sections of Baghdad on 2003-03-20, live on CNN (Cable News Network). I have seen dozens of video of you bastards committing every imaginable atrocity. Further, I have talked to Iraqis expatriates with ties to folks back home. You Americans spent over a trillion bucks on your war. There is still no electricity or schools to replace the ones you bombed. You spent that money on torture, bombs and every foul deed ever done by man to make Iraqi lives miserable. Your remote-control way of waging war is a pussy way to fight. You can’t tell whom you are killing. That is why you kill mostly civilians. The mean age in Iraq is 15. This blind way of fighting naturally kills 50% kids. You Americans are sick cowardly excuses for soldiers.

What you did was nuts, cruel and illegal. You personally are a war criminal, even if all you did was peel potatoes to help the invasion/occupation because you aided and abetted an aggressive war You have committed a capital crime. It is not me saying so, it is the experts in international law. Because you are a death row criminal so ignorant and so stupid that you don’t even know you have committed a serious crime, I don’t give anything else you say much weight. Even the dullyest thug who works for the Mafia is aware of which laws he is breaking. Perhaps you could get off by diminished capacity.

Soldiers are human beings too, we have our own thoughts and minds and hearts.

So were most of the Nazis. Even Hitler was nice two his dog. But that does not excuse you from capital crimes.

If it comes down to it were will kill someone if our mission or our lives are in danger.

Even a Nazi soldier could say that about his right to kill Poles defending their country. America attacked Iraq, unprovoked and illegally. You cannot claim self-defence any bore that burglar who breaks into a house can claim self-defence when he kills the family living there, even if they shot at him. Mission is just an American euphemism for “I was just following ze orders.’ You are a sheepish Nazi at heart. Nazis used that excuse, just like you to excuse aggressive war and torturing Jews to death, the same crimes you or your buddies are committing daily.

Everything you said is a sack of lies.

There are no lies on my website. I believe everything I tell you. What point is there in trying to convince you of something I didn’t believe myself? I want you to think like I do. There may be things on the website that are obsolete or untrue, that I will fix as soon as I discover them, but you have presented no evidence for that.

And another thing, I am prepared to loose any part of my body, even my life for my country and my fellow soldiers and your right to say all that fuckin bullshit you come up with.

Fine. But neither Afghanistan nor Iraq attacked your country. (The head of Pakistan ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) bankrolled 2001-09-11 and Saudis executed it, according to Bush.) Further, they have no means to do so. You have absolutely no right to be there, much less hurt anyone. They have every right to use every means conceivable to oust you. So your alleged willingness to sacrifice is irrelevant. It is just a feeble attempt at an excuse for sadism. Or perhaps you are just telling me you like hurting people so much, you are willing to risk you life for the opportunity, a sentiment Jeffrey Dahmer might have expressed.

I hope you die a horrible death and your parents too for creating such a worthless waste of air. I would’nt even piss on you if you were burning alive. You piece of dirty rotten shit, again I hope you are tortured and die a painful death, you deserve it. You liberal lying cunt bitch.

Are you serious? Are so thin skinned that a Canadian writing on a website you stumbled on makes you feel so bad about your murderous lifestyle than you would rather kill him to shut up a tiny trickle of the criticism coming at you, than solve the problem the more sensible way, by giving up killing? Do you you break into tears if some Iraqi holds up a photo of his dead child and screams Baby Killer! Are you sure you are tough and insensitive enough for the your chosen profession? You perhaps are unaware that I am rather imposing male 70 years old. My parents died long ago. You need applause and adulation to soothe your conscience while you commit the most heinous crimes imaginable. You can’t handle even the more indirect critism directed at all soldiers. Your are a psychological basket case of conflicting desires. I hope this reply triggers a psychotic break than ends your career as a human butcher. To me, it is utterly baffling how anyone could be so thoroughly dedicated to mayhem and evil as you are. There are serial killers. You of the same ilk. You just wanted less interference and less chance of prosecution for your crimes and perhaps companionship of fellow butchers, since perhaps you did not have quite the nerve to murder without active encouragement.

You have it backwards. Not being liberal is the evil world view — wanting to torture and kill people, trash the environment, refuse to deal with the dwindling oil supply, sentencing people to death if you they don’t have the money for health care… It is hard enough trying to hold our planet together without assholes like you trying their damndest to turn it into a hell. If you decide to stay a soldier, may you get your balls blown off. I would like you out of the gene pool.

I can understand why I am so angry with you. I want you to stop killing kids. I feel the same way about you deeds in the middle east as if you were doing it in my back yard. I also want to you to stop hurting people who did nothing to you (until you attacked them), which includes people you incorrectly categorise as terrorists. But why are you so extremely hostile to me? All I do is fail to approve of your crimes. It is not as though I threaten you in any way. What is it? Do you fear I will persuade the USA to stop the war and end your fun? Is my voice an echo of your conscience that is driving you nuts? Do you conflate me with the people shooting and trying to blow you up because I point out what you are doing is illegal, you are a criminal, not to mention morally in the wrong? I am shooting nothing but words at you.

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