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Why I kill

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Why I Kill : Christopher McMullen : : 2008-03-24

Iraqi boy loses leg to American attack
Iraqi boy loses leg to American attack
Hi Mr Green, Hopefully you take time to read this, i came across your site and had some questions and a few opinions, First off keep in mind i am a very open minded person and you are obviously a highly intelligent person. I think you make some very valid points and the graphic pictures show me how fucked up the country is and how pointless this war is, that stuff really opened my eyes, so thank you. Now im goin to say that not all people in the military are sadistic evil child killers, that you say, im 21 and in the army national guard, i didnt join to kill people, i got into law trouble and my family was sick me getting into trouble, so i joined because i wanted to make my dad proud and to get fines payed off via sign on bonus and to get some discipline, i could never dream of taking a persons life and most jobs in the army arnt even infantry, there are cooks, engineers, mechanics, etc etc, not everyone is a child killer, but yes there are some that join to be able to kill a innocent civi, i think you are very one sided in that respect, but you have made very valid points, im going to iraq in two months and i might see some bad things useless killing, but maybe i can make a difference, but anyways feel free to write back i like to hear different points of view thanks.

You are one the most naïve folk who has ever written me. Perhaps I should make some allowance. Retarded people are often acquitted of crimes on the grounds of insanity, where the law defines insanity as the inability to distinguish right from wrong.

When you sign up for the military, they have your ass. You have to do whatever they tell you or they can put you in jail or under some circumstances kill you. In other words, when you sign up, you sign up potentially to kill kids because that’s what the military has been doing a lot of lately.

If you help bank robber by driving the car, you still go to jail the same as the guys to go into the bank. If any of them kill someone, you are guilty of murder too. Similarly, if you participate in an aggressive war, in any way whatsoever, that is a capital crime. Read up on Nuremberg and the charges used to condemn the Nazis to death at the end of WWII (World War II), exactly the same international war crime you are planning to commit by going to Iraq.

You and your father are both brain damaged. You think that killing people, even the so-called terrorists, who are no threat to you, your family or your country will make you feed proud. You are both sick. To make your father proud is the lamest excuse I have ever heard for killing, (or helping to kill), innocent people. I hope you get your fool head blown off the first day in Iraq thereby removing your defective genes from the pool.

Why I Kill, part II : Christopher McMullen : : 2008-03-25

well then you didnt have to insult my dad, by calling him brain damaged, lol im only 21 and i have more maturity than you, looks like the military did do something for me, were you ever in iraq, have you ever been there, have you seen personally seen whats goin on, unless you have been there you have not a fuckin clue about whats goin on, yea the war is fucked up but still, i joined for reasons other than killing people all your site talks about is very over exaggerated points of view and talks about only the bad, what about the good. im sure you are probably about age 50-60 grows his own pot and sits in the coffee shop everyday bitching about how bad everything is but not doing a damn thing about it.

I am quite sure I know thousands of times more about the Iraq war than you do for six reasons.

  1. You were in diapers during the Gulf War. I was watching it blow by blow. I have been following the events in Iraq day by day for many years. I lived through the Viet Nam war years. I have seen these same stupidities repeated over and over.
  2. I have read scores of books on the war and the Bush administration. I doubt you have read even one judging from your pathetic command of grammar and spelling.
  3. I have talked to Iraqi expatriates about their experiences in Iraq, ditto for Afghans and Iranians.
  4. I hung out in Muslim mosques to learn about Islam and Arabic culture.
  5. I have spend many hours each day reading news from all over the world and watching documentaries, including ones from China, Europe and the Arab world.
  6. You expressed abysmal ignorance about the contract you signed with the military. If you know so little about something that will affect you so deeply, you likely are highly uncurious about the rest of the world too.

Even if your speculations about me were correct, I don’t go killing people for no reason. You do. That makes you a royal asshole, not exceptionally mature. There is no good side to killing, maiming and torturing kids, you idiot! Do you also write the newspapers demanding they find something good to say about serial murderers like yourself, but who select their victims in the USA? What you are doing is equivalent joining the Mafia to keep the family tradition of crime alive. May you lose a leg, lose your genitals and suffer a head injury that makes you drool for the rest of your life, while your dad feeds you with a spoon.

If patriotism is 'the last refuge of a scoundrel,' it is not merely because evil deeds may be performed in the name of patriotism, but because patriotic fervor can obliterate moral distinctions altogether.
~ Ralph B. Perry (1876-07-03 1957-01-22 age:80)

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