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Who Asked You?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Who Asked You? : Jerry Schwartz : : 2009-11-05

what kind of moron makes a sweeping generalization like why i despise most americans … and this is based on personally knowing two out of millions … oh ya … plus all that info you get from the media … you are mensa material let me tell ya … perhaps you should walk a mile it might make you a little less condescending …… it must be nice sitting way up north there looking down on the rest of us … just remember that canada sits atop this wonderful country and if anything were to happen to us guess who would come tumbling down next … and wouldnt you be crying for your momma then … do us all a big favor if you're in the USA now please leave and dont let the border hit you in the ass on the way out … and if you’re not — thank you

I judge the majority of Americans on three grounds:

The USA is by far the biggest threat to Canadian sovereignity. They control us, lie to us, violate treaties, bully us economically, pollute our air and rivers and hurt us economically with illegal actions. We don’t need American military protection, especially from imaginary enemies like Afghanistan and Iraq.

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