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World’s Greatest Air Force

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

World’s Greatest Air Force : Brock Schuld : : 2006-01-28

Hi I am 19 years old I’m in the worlds greatest Air Force..

Nobody doubts that. America has the biggest Air Force in the world dwarfing eveyone else combined. But why is that huge expenditure necessary? It surely is not for defense. America could still lick any invader with an air force a tenth that size. They use it for dominating and bullying the world. You are nothing but a hired thug. Had you been alive in 1939, in Nazi Germany, you could have made that same boast. You are scarcely any better and just as stupid as those young Germans swept along by Hitler’s rhetoric. You swallowed the patriotic bullshit, hook, line and sinker.

As you might have guess thats the United States Air Force.. And i do have to say as a 3rd gen. Air Force member it makes me SICK that you people say stupid crap like that. You talk all this bad stuff about MY country and MY Air Force and MY military but when it comes time for you to be protected everyday you all look to us.

The air force has not been involved in defending the USA since WWII (World War II). Everything it has been involved in since has been about protecting US financial interests abroad. Because the USA has military power unappalled in human history, that power has corrupted it. It is badly abusing that power. Ask anyone who is not American. When you kill kids, grandmothers or even young men in Iraq, you are not in the tiniest way enhancing America’s safety or security. In fact you are doing the exact oppsite with with your atrocities. You are uniting the world against America.

Well I know for a fact that you and none of your affiliates have a damn clue what its like being in the military and your feelings toward us are stupid. But the difference between me and you is you dont like me…fine i still wake up everyday and fight for you.

You do not fight for me. If you did, you would be protecting me from people trying to attack me. Instead you attack people who have never attacked me, just people who have oil that your country wants. Your theft and murder endangers me, since you stir up hatred for all North Americans with your insane, illegal and immoral behaviour.

Of course, I don’t like you. It is much stronger than that. I hold you in contempt. I loathe you. I despise you. I hate you you from the depth of my being. I wish someone would kidnap and torture you to punish your for your war crimes. You are aware the U.N. declared that invasion you are involved in illegal. That makes you an international war criminal. If all goes well, some day you will be tried and appropriately punished. The power of the USA to protect you from criminal prosecution is waning as your country teeters toward bankruptcy. America can’t thumb its nose at the world court forever.

Look at what those bombs and incendiaries you dropped [or helped drop] on innocent children did. In no possible way did that defend me or aid me in any way. You are worse than a child-molesting serial killer because of the extremely painful ways your victims die. You have no idea why you did that, do you? You were just following order like some robotic Nazi. You seriously think those kids where threat to the USA? If you truly believe that, you must on cocaine. Only drug addicts are that paranoid and that addled.

so you can have the right to write these web pages and talk down about me. thats what we all do thats different from you uneducated people. you dont know half what you are talking about. if you woke up and none of the armed forces where there to protect you?????

Straw man!. That is not the issue. On my web pages I am talking about the American invasion of Iraq, not about fending off some country invading the USA. I have no quarrel with self-defence. However, Iraq did not invade. Further, it could not have invaded. It had no means to. U.N. inspectors discovered that prior the your country invading Iraq unprovoked, using counterfeit evidence to justify it in its bid to control/steal Iraq’s oil. If Iraq truly did have WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions) as Bush claimed in his lies, he would dare not have invaded. He would have treated Iraq with the same kid gloves he does other nuclear powers.

who would be crying for our help then? well you wouldnt have to cry because we will always be there.. even protecting people like you….by the way if your in Canada why the hell does it matter to you anyway?

The only country we Canadians fear invading us is the USA. So take your protection and shove it. You are a far bigger danger to me that the citizens of the countries who oil you help steal. You are a lunatic. I don’t need or want your protection. Leave people alone. You are paranoid. You are a far bigger danger to the planet than any of the innocent people you imagine you are killing is self-defence.

It is a funny thing you should ask that question given the only fig leaf you have left for the war is was you went there to protect Iraqis from the crimes of Saddam Hussein. By your reasoning that was none of the USA’s business. By the way Saddam was captured back in 2003, so the ongoing war is clearly about oil, not Saddam.

I am a citizen of planet earth, first, Canadian second. I want to prevent kids from suffering and I want to stop shit-head, pervert, sadists like you from hurting them no matter where on the planet you commit your filthy crimes.



It is a Good Thing™ you joined the USAF. If all goes well, your genes will soon drop out of the pool.

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