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Two Thumbs Down

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Two Thumbs Down : Russell Haynes : : 2002-08-31

First, I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your Java section. I appreciate the time you spent putting it together.

However, I give your commentary on American Politics two thumbs down. It’s factually incorrect on several accounts and omits pertinent information that is essential to understand what happened in 1.) the presidential election and 2.) on 2001-09-11.

I’m from the State of Tennessee and we Tennesseans know Al Gore well. (He claims to be a Tennessean.) Trust me when I say that George Bush is a FAR better man (and more trustworthy) than Al Gore. We’ve had to deal with the Gore family in our state’s politics for many years. Both Al Gore and his father are both best described as the whores of politics; they are both seen as deceitful, condescending and manipulative. For example, Al Gore did everything he could to disenfranchise the votes of thousands of American service people overseas, trying to tip the Florida vote in his favor. These are the same people, mind you, that he claims to support: active military and Veterans. Yet he tried to steal their voice in the election. He has no principles. (It is no surprise that he didn’t carry his home state in the election.)

It is distressing that is a country of hundreds of million of people, that Gore and Bush were the best that could be found to lead it. Given the stress and abuse of the job. perhaps only a scoundrel has the stomach for it.

As I recall both sides were fighting for every advantage. The only way to handle such a situation that was to go completely by the book. Republicans argued that should not apply in the case of the military ballots, but everywhere else demanded strict interpretation of the laws even when it was outrageous.

And as for September 11… You wrote that Americans are too stupid to see the truth, or something to that effect. Honestly, I resent that statement. As to your assertion that George W. Bush was responsible for the September 11 mass murders… The known facts prove your dissertation to be flawed rhetoric. After all, the pursuit of truth requires an open mind and a little common sense. Preconceived notions have to be thrown out the window. This not only makes for good Philosophy and science; it makes for a better understanding of the world, too.).

I gave you an entire essay on why I think Bush is guilty in the 911 matter. You offered nothing in rebuttal but your faith he is a better man.

Again, thank you for the Java info.

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