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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Stupidity : Tyler Rogers : : 2009-11-05

You say that we are in it for the killing!

Have you ever once lived the life of a soldier?

I don’t have to molest or murder children to have a strong and legitimate right to claim it is wrong for you or anyone else to do it.

no you havn’t time and time again i hear critizism of U.S. troops i’ve seen my share the killing of kids in mopst cases is neccesary hear i said in most cases i do not condone this action but when you se your friend killed by a kid with a bomb straped to him and he runs up and then boom. you then will understand why kids are being killed.

Those kids have every moral and legal right to try to kill you. You invaded their country unprovoked and illegally. They are acting in defence of their country. You are a war criminal just for being there. You are guilty of a capital crime. Why are all of you soldiers in such denial about international law? Surely you are aware of how Nazis were hanged for the exact same crimes you are committing. I watched you bastards dropping bombs on houses and apartment blocks, which were half full of kids. Nearly everyone in American saw that live on CNN (Cable News Network), at least once. I saw you bastards spraying kids with bullets on a street. You can’t claim self-defence for that.

I dont like Bush anymore than you do. your right we shouldn’t be there for oil but thatas not why we’re there saddam might not have had nuclear weapons but he did for a fact have chemical weapons

You know where he got that poison gas don’t you, from George Herbert Walker Bush, along with helicopters to spread them, all on credit. Bush issued a special conflict of interest waiver so that his cabinet could make money from the sale. Those chemical weapons were zero danger to the USA. They did not even harm one single invading US soldier. They did not even exist and longer. They had been destroyed at the end of the Gulf War, per U.N. inspections. What bullshit you try to feed me! You know full well it is bullshit, but you float it anyway. You are such a scumbag, but what should I expect from someone who puts down inconvenient kids for money.

We know Saddam has weapons of mass destruction; we have the receipts.
~ Mark Russell (1932-08-23 age:85)

which he used on his own people in the first desert storm which in operation enduring freedom he fired on us troops butfor the training we recieve we survive yes you have pictures of dead americans wow what do you expect in a war we’re not fighting with water guns shit the terrorist thrived in this country nd still do and in that fact we are just in our choice to take over this puny country they attacked us

Bald faced liar! Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked the USA. Even Bush said the 2001-09-11 conspirators were Saudi, not Afghan, not Iraqi. You knew that, but you tried to float the lie anyway to justify your filthy crimes.

and you say we are just trying to take over this country soully for the oil reserves.

I gave many more reasons than that. The motives you gave: being attacked and removing Saddam are bogus. I explain why in many places on the website.

you know nothing about the hardships of a soldier in iraq or afghanistan the terrorist fight ands fight hard.

You expect me to have sympathy for the inconveniences of serial murderers or rapists too? You have no business to be in either Afghanistan or Iraq. You deserve whatever horrible things happen to you. You are committing a capital crime. You are in the eyes of the law a serial murderer e.g. a Hannibal Lecter. You are subhuman. You deserve the utmost contempt and certainly no sympathy whatsoever.

our policy as soldiers in the rules of engagement are as follows: do not fire upon anyone unless fired upon nomatter if the are walking around with an RPG (Report Program Generator) (sorry there are typos because my computer doesn’t like to function properly at times)or a weapon of any kind for they could be trying to protect their family though if they point it at you and you feel as if your life is threatened then we are authorized to fire. kids that work for the insergants via measuring a vehicle so that a bomb can be made to the specs that can hit a vehicle just right to overcome the defenses then we ar sanction in our decision to fire. the starvation is not us thats the peoples fault if theydont feed the kids we have little control over that fact.

This is all bullshit and you now full well it is. The end result is millions of kids have been killed. And you are helping your country do it. A big hunk of the killing was done before the Iraq war officially even started during the sanction bombings, which you likely would be too young to remember. Your country blew up hospitals, schools, mosques, electric power plants and sewage plants in Iraq, causing raging cholera epidemics because there was no clean water. This was all against the Geneva conventions. I don’t give a flying fig about your rules. What counts is what you actually do. Your rules primarily ensure hardly any of you cowardly Americans are hurt. You have spent over trillion dollars trying to hurt the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. Do the math. That is one heck of a lot pain.

i understand that my writing sometimes doesn’t make sense but bear with me as these words come from a soldier that has experience in these matters.

I find it hard to understand you. Your creative spelling and the lack of punctuation compounds the problem. You might reading work aloud before sending messages would help make text clearer and try running your messages through a spell check.

i do not agree with the use of white phosphorus but if your back home writing this how do you know that this was that such compound and not the chemical warfare used by insergants

There you go again with your bloody lies again. An insurgent is someone who rebels against the government. The US invaded and installed puppet governments. These are not the legitimate governments in Afghanistan or Iraq. Just as in Nazi-occupied France, the proper term for people who resist such occupational governments is the resistance.

Afghans fight with kitchen-made fertilizer bombs. They don’t have access to sophisticated banned weapons like DU (Depleted Uranium), white phosphorus, napalm, cluster bombs etc. You Americans have been repeatedly caught on film using banned weapons. Further, if the resistance had such weapons, why would they refrain from taking revenge on Americans with them? How is it you are so clueless about your chosen profession?

i do not discredit your anthics but your credibility soldiers fight this forever growing problem so that when we do overcome the hardships of terrorism these people can live a better life.

A terrorist is someone who kills civilians. Those people in Iraq or Afghanistan who try to kill you to end the illegal occupation of their countries, much as you disapprove, are not terrorists, simply because you are not a civilian. When Iraqis blow up markets in Iraq, then they are terrorists. When they blow up a humvee full of US or collaborator soldiers, they are not. The majority of people in Afghanistan support the Taliban. Without that support they could not possibly have withstood the combined might of the USA, Britain and Canada for 16 years and 6 months. The USA, with your help, is anti-democratic. They are forcing a dictatorship on a people who, oddly, want a theocracy.

you must understand that you must hit rock bottom to rise again and make the decision to start and do what you can to have a better life. Everyone is not born into a life of ease poeple that join the army dont join for the thrill of killing yes for te money but thats because poeple lose their jobs after haveing them for years. sa hey im doing good i have a steady job then one odd day i get laid off and the arny shows promise in suppoting your family what do you expect me to do? i would join to give my family a better life so that we dont have to struggle.

i joined to get out of the life i lived i put my sister as a dependent so that i can help her take care of two kids.

Fighting in an illegal war is even less legitimate than becoming a drug dealer or hit man for the mafia. At least Mafia hit men usually kill fellow mobsters, not innocent kids. Fighting in an aggressive (first strike) war is illegal., and immoral. It not right to kill, rape, pillage and torture just to get a few bucks. That is why it is a capital crime. You fully deserve to hang. What a sleasebag you are to be tempted to murder by such pitifully small monetary gain. Usually only junkies will kill for such small reward. Army pay is a pittance compared with other criminal activity. Further, I don’t believe you it was the money. That’s just your fig leaf excuse. There are plenty of shit jobs that pay army-type wages that are not nearly as uncomfortable, lonely or risky. You chose the army because of your psychotic nature, your cringing desire to be dominated and ordered what to do by a surrogate brutal parent and your desire to hurt others. If indeed you are telling the truth, you are even worse scum that those who kill from uncontrollable inner passion. Remember how Judas was reviled for betraying Jesus for a mere 30 pieces of silver. You have a Judas mentality. You are just a low paid hitman. You sold your soul to Beelzebub for a paltry $14,321.00 USD a year.

In your heart you wanted to be a serial murderer, but you did not have the stomach for it. So you signed up with military, to have someone to push you to your crimes and salve your conscience. You also found the companionship of fellow psychopaths to share in your crimes and talking about them.

we dont just join to do some killing we do it for moral reasons, we do it yes to fight the people that attacked us we do do it for the love of our country war is no game people who join for kicks well i feel sorry for them because they are sick in the head. to enjoy the killing is insane. you do what you must to survive anything more and it is wrong. i do not otally agree with you and in ways i dont disagree with you.

You know that is complete bullshit and you know full well it is. Why do you think it will fly with me? Surely you watched the USA attack Iraq unprovoked, bombing Baghdad live on CNN on 2003-03-20 You know that neither Afghanistan nor Iraq ever attacked the USA. You are not the first person to tell this silly self-defence lie. Do you twits think by repeating it over and over people will forget what really happened? Perhaps you are trying to convince children who where not paying attention when the events happened. That won’t work on me. All these events seem like yesterday. Obviously I don’t believe you. These ale lawyerly lame excuses you learned somewhere else. You are not talking from your heart. The real reason you kill is because enjoy killing and bullying. You deserve the most hideous imaginable slow death by torture.

with this i leave you the weak must try to do what must be done to survive those who succeed live on those who do not perish with those meant to die!



Private Rogers, Tyler

United States Army Signal corps.

If you are like others of your ilk who have written, you will later try to exculpate yourself by saying you have not actually knowingly raped or killed any kids yet. You are still guilty of the capital (death penalty) crime of aiding and abetting an aggressive war. All your actions help the illegal war effort. Consider that Hilter did not personally rape or kill any kids. His propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels did not even order any such acts, but he too was guilty on the same principle that if anyone member of a gang that robs a bank kills a guard, then even the guy who drives the getaway car is guilty.

Stupidity II : Tyler Rogers : : 2009-11-08

Your a stupid mofo! so wat i joined to kill kids. your so fucking stupid i joined to be able to survive without having to live in a shed like i was. thats why we join to get out of the hard life in america you got this steady job while hundreds of thousands losee theirs and become homeless. some of those peope join to have a way to survive but you get offon saying that they join for the urge to kill. How the fuck do you know why soldiers joined you dont so shut the fuck up with this stupid ass web sight. but hey its your choice to be sucha dumb ass so i hope you get off your ass and actually go live in the life of the soldiers in iraq because then you might have the correct information.

tyler is f-in awesome!!!

Perhaps you were too lazy to even apply for a job, or you are a such a loser that even McDonald’s rejected you. But I still think you are BSing me on the financial motive. Your job has pathetic pay, long hours, bad conscience and horrible working conditions. It seems far more likely, you took the job because you like hurting people. People out for money work for private contractors, not Uncle Sam. But it does not matter, either way, you are still a moral degenerate. The other possiblity is you are just some snotty kid who likes to pretend to be in the military hoping to gain status from acting psychotic. You write like a ten year old.

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