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I’m Shocked

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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

I’m Shocked : Dennis Wolter : : 2008-04-04

I took a look at your website last night and was shocked by your comments and implications. I am an american infantry soldier. What are you? A lame ass that sits behind a desk and reaps the benfits of our country that protects you. They ( iraqis, terrorist ) are the lowest of the low, they use children as shields and they give them weapons. A bullet is a bullet, it kills no matter where it comes from. you have a photo of an iraqi in a car at a road check point, we ( soldiers ) give them every oportunity to comply, you make it seem like we just slaughter the people. We are there to do our job and to keep each other safe at all cost. tonight while you lay in bed with your blanket of saftey provided the the u.s.

If you are shocked, then you are as clueless as the Nazis hanged for war crimes at the end of WWII (World War II). You are an international war criminal, just like them, for exactly the same reason, namely you are aiding and abetting aggressive war. The Nazis were just as surprised as you that their actions were not considered heroic. From your atrocious spelling, I would guess you are unusually ignorant, however, ignorance in no excuse in the law. You deserve to hang too. If all goes well, you will spend the tail end of your life in solitary confinement.

The USA attacked Iraq, unprovoked and under false pretences to boot, just like Hitler and his invasion of Poland. Iraq did not attack the USA. Iraq has not killed a single American, except ones illegally invading their country. Iraq is zero threat to America or Canada (where I live). You are not protecting me in the least, you self-important twit. Instead, you are stirring up ill will all over the planet toward the west because of your worse-than-Nazi war crimes.

What a liar you are! Your country has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, way, way more than your victims have. That is documented in Lancet, a peer reviewed medical journal. It is obvious why that must be so. You Americans have spent $3 trillion on mayhem, that’s an astounding $120,000.00 USD per man, woman and child in Iraq to make their lives miserable. The Iraqis have almost no budget. You Americans use weapons that don’t discriminate between combatant and civilian. You have an official quota of 30 civilians killed per high value target. You have the most advanced weapons on the planet. They have the most primitive. You use banned weapons such as white phosphorus and napalm. They do not. You Americans are cowards, fighting a war by remote control, using high tech weapons against peasants armed with nothing more lethal than roadside bombs made in the kitchen. Nearly everyone in the world saw what bastards you military folk were on the opening day of the war. Instead of the promised liberation, you bombed the residential sections of Baghdad, live on CNN (Cable News Network), in a fascist display of Shock & Awe.

The reason your country kills is not to save lives, but to wrest control of the #2 oil reserves on the planet. You personally are there to get your sadistic little rocks off. You obviously don’t give a flying fig about the Iraqis. You hate them all. Your racist remarks prove it. What a lying thug you are! You don’t deserve even another hour of life.

You don’t even know what a terrorist is:

Terrorism : killing civilians with the intent of changing their political affiliation.
~ Caleb Carr (1955-08-02 age:62), military historian

I would modify that definition slightly. I don’t think nuts who act completely on their own should count as terrorists. I think they need to be associated with an organisation to count as terrorists.

By that definition, you belong to the largest terrorist organisation on the planet. Now go slit you throat in shame!

I’m Shocked, continued : Dennis Wolter : : 2008-04-04

You have alot of nerve, but then again it’s easy to sit behind a desk and condemn us. The photos and the captions listed on your web-sight are nothing but anti-american propaganda, do you factually know the stories behind the photos? Or do you just make something up to get a rise out of people? I’m not a Nazi and you have a warped sense of reality to accuse me of being one. Fredom of speech, some people speak to much.

Of course, it is easy to attack you. You military thugs take almost no pains to hide your wrongdoing. You are so arrogant you imagine that when an American commits a war crime, it does not count as a war crime. You are an admitted war criminal. Nobody challenges the obvious fact your country illegally attacked Iraq unprovoked and that you participated. That is a capital war crime. Your protestations are no more meaningful than excuses from an other admitted serial murder/rapist who claims rape/murder are ok. You think those thousands of photos and videos are faked? Get serious you mealy-mouthed lawyer! What do you think happens when you spend $3 trillion making people’s lives hell? You deserve to die and die in the most painful and horrible way, or better still stretch out your punishment by spending the rest of your days rotting in solitary. The only question is how long before you are brought to justice.

My complaint with you has nothing to do with you being American. It is about you being a war criminal. Check out my heroes page. There are lots of Americans on it.

I did not call you a Nazi. You are obviously not a Nazi because you are not German. I said the war crimes of American soldiers are worse than those of the Nazis. These include using banned weapons such as napalm, white phosphorus and cluster bombs, routine torture of POWs (Prisoner Of Wars) including children, targeting civilians and violating nearly every last one of the Geneva conventions, including bombing schools, mosques, electric plants and sewage treatment plants. These crimes are all a matter of public record and you aid and abet that war, a capital offence. Maybe you still don’t understand what that means. You have committed a crime whose punishment is hanging.

The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.
~ George Orwell (1903-06-25 1950-01-21 age:46)

I know you are wilfully ignorant. However, you have probably heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Further, disagreeing with the law won’t get you off the hook either. If you have read anything about Nuremberg, you also know that I vas chust following zee orders won’t cut it. The practical issue is, will be be a big enough fish for someone to bother coming after you and bringing you to justice. I hope these emails have a rôle in your prosecution. If you live to 90, there is still plenty of time for your victims to get their revenge on you. I treat you with the same contempt I would treat any other brazen serial killer on death row. The only difference is you have not had your trial yet.

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