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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Rwanda : Gene Nicholson : : 2006-03-06

Where were you high and mighty Canadians when the slaughter was going on in Rwanda. Its easy for the Canadians to citizen the USA because lord knows Canada will not get there hands dirty no matter what the cause is. They have this illusion that that are peace keepers, I guest they have not talked to there military for the last 12 years.

Gene Nicholson

Canada is not mighty. We Canadians don’t spend more than every other country put together on a military to bully the planet and hog the lion’s share of its resources as America does.

I think you are making the argument that I have no right to complain about the slaughter in Iraq because Canada did not help stop the genocide in Rwanda.

I too also appalled by what happened in Rwanda. President Clinton said it fell through the cracks because the world’s attention was fixated on the Serbia. I suspect the failure to act had more to do with Rwanda’s lack of strategic oil or minerals.

Canada was involved around that time as peacekeepers in Kosovo and Haiti. You never heard about what Canada did because American news only reports the exploits of Americans and their enemies.

You might be making the argument that the USA is in Iraq to stop rival factions from killing each other, as they could have had they intervened in Rwanda. The very opposite is true. America is paying Iraqis to kill their own countrymen and to betray their own country. The net result is an increase in tensions between Iraqis.

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