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Disrespecting Soldiers

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Disrespecting Soldiers : B. Anderson : : 2008-04-11

child in blanket nutter to whomever wrote disrespecting soldiers. , your dick sucking faggot ass should be shot. better yet, dropped right in the middle of sadr to defend your dick sucking buddies cuz you are no american.

Thankfully, about that, you are correct. I am grateful I am not an American. I am a Canadian living in Canada. I would be infinitely ashamed of my country if I were American. It would be like being a German in the era of the Nazis. Your country is behaving worse than Germany under Hitler, with its aggressive wars (attacking unprovoked with bogus justification), flagrant violations of the Geneva conventions, routine torture and use of banned weapons.

you suck ! pray to ala or whoever you bastards pra y to that i never get you in my sights traitor. i’ll drop you at 1,000 yrds and piss on your and your family. i’ll kick your ass all the way to iraq fuck head. if you dont like it here just leave. we dont want your kind here anyway. your a c oward !!!!!

Why should I respect serial killers and war criminals? Why do you like them? Your rotten email handle gives us a clue. You revel in the illusion you are big, bad and scary. Written death threats are illegal both in Canada and the USA. You should be more careful. If you are curious about my religious beliefs, see my essays on religion.

Disrespecting Soldiers part 2 : B. Anderson : : 2008-04-11

my appologies to you and your family for my previous outburst. after calming down i now offer a more intelligent response. serial killers and war criminals is only your interpretation. i personally feel we should not have gone there {iraq} in the first place. i say let them continue to murder each other as they have done since the begining of thier time. right?

That is not true. The Shias and Sunnis in Iraq got along reasonably well for 1300 years. America originally helped Saddam to power and even gave him the poison gas and helicopters on credit he used to attack Iran and the Kurds. He was a Sunni who helped the minority Sunni lord it over the Shias. This created great resentment. In the Gulf and Iraq wars, the USA used divide and conquer to help unseat Saddam. Then after the occupation, they hired Shia hit squads on motorcycles to terrorise the Sunnis. Bush succeeded in fomenting what some call a civil war, thus taking the heat off the invading American soldiers. So the violence can’t be completely blamed on religious intolerance.

our elected leaders chose to send their employee’s in. disrespecting the employee an d their families does not hurt management. as a soldier what should they do?

Same thing that people who don’t sign up for the Mafia do. Find a different job. That excuse is as lame as claiming you had no choice but to do hits for a drug gang because you needed money.

they are required to fulfill thier contract. the economy here has sucked for awhile. work is hard to find and getting harder. alot of the troops enlisted during peace time. man y wanting only to serve thier country and get a paid education, get out and work in the private sector hoping to provide a better lifestyle for their families than working at mc donalds. then they are sent to war. so now what do they do?

Same as Lt. Ehren Watada. You have to be pretty stupid to enlist today and not realise you likely will be shipped to serve in one of the USA’s illegal wars.

say no, i’m not gonna go. and spend thier life in the brig, not able to provide for your family at all?

That is what international law requires you to do. If you are stupid enough or malicious enough to enlist, some brig time is the consequence. Fear of going to jail is not a lawful excuse for murder. If it were, a guy who bumped off witnesses to his crime could go free on the murder charge.

roedy, if you don’t do your job at work you’ll only get fired. right? or maybe they should go unarmed into the iraqi streets yelling, please, put down your arms. only to be murdered? you get to kiss your wife and kids, walk casually to your car in the morning with a coffee and smoke in your hand, waving to the nieghbos without fear and drive to work listening to music or news. no shot’s fired. another pleasent and uneventful day in roedy land.

I handled the problem, personally, very simply. I did not enlist. That same option is open to everyone else. The people who volunteer do so because they want to kill, rape, maim and torture with impunity. If they try the same thing as a civilian, they won’t get paid for it and they stand a good chance of ending up in jail for life. If they do it as a soldier, they stand a good chance of getting a medal and a parade in their honour.

but while in service during war time, a soldier must go and do what his superiors tell th em and pray they make it back time after time so they can see thier loved ones again.

Nuremberg war crimes trial
Nuremberg war crimes trial

International law says that is not so. Every soldier is personally responsible for avoiding illegal actions. It does not matter if he is ordered to commit war crimes. He is still personally responsible. That is what Nuremberg was all about.

yes, it is very sad when inocent people are killed, even animals for that matter. and it’s sad that it’s a cold hard fact of any conflict that inocent people are killed. tell me this, would you rather you had no army to defend you and your family?

I have no problem with armies defending their home turf. But that has not happened in North America since World War II. Today’s armies have almost nothing to do with defence. They are about world hegemony. My complaint is with men enlisting to commit war crimes and countries invading other countries unprovoked to steal their resources.

if you didn’t there would be some faction from somewhere coming to kill inocent people here.

Don’t be so paranoid. The USA has a military bigger than all the rest of the world put together. If they were attacked, they would defend themselves with overwhelming force. When the USA attacks tiny nations who were no thread to anyone just tells the rest of the world that the USA is a bully that needs to be taken down, most likely with financial levers rather than militarily.

you’d want those same s oldiers you call serial killers and war criminals defending you and your family right?

Nope. I don’t want twisted sadists defending me. I want decent folk like those who defended my country in WWII (World War II) out of a desire to protect rather than torture.

roedy, man has killed man since the begining.

That is unnecessarily pessimistic. Consider the EU. Those European nations have been butchering each other for centuries, yet now the borders are down even though they don’t even speak the same language. Viet Nam is peaceful. Japan is peaceful. The USA is like an idiot firefighter who claims with sufficient gasoline he can drown fires. The gasoline is the money and arms poured into wars. If it wanted, the USA could suck the oxygen out of the Iraq conflict by ceasing to pour money and arms into it. You may be too young to remember how fast the Viet Nam war petered out once the USA withdrew.

it’s not going to stop till only one man is left standing. you know that right?

Except for the Massada, every other war eventually petered out when people got sufficiently sick of it.

it’s sad, but tru e. it’s a design flaw. look at yourself. you attacked inocent people with psychological warfar. how you ask? by tarnishing the memories of mother’s, fathers, wives, sister’s, brother’s and other’s who have l oved ones that did not return home from work.

These relatives are not innocent. They are working hard to cover up and perpetuate war crimes. Further, I merely pointed out the obvious, that those soldiers broke the law and that are thus war criminals and serial killers. They destroyed their own reputations with their crimes, the same way Nazi guards at Belsen did, who were also just following orders. I did not kill or injure anyone. You are playing with words. You are like Goebbels trying to whitewash crimes in order to perpetuate more crimes. You are the one trying to sell the absurd notion that the capital crimes of American soldiers don’t even count as crimes.

by keeping thier emotional wounds fresh. never alowing them to heal. also by demoralizing the soldiers who need to concentrate on survivial so maybe they can come home from work. not worrying about you blaming the employee for management’s bad decision’s. does that make you a killer and a war criminal?

Michael Siefert, Nazi war criminal sentenced to life at 82 years of age
Michael Siefert, Nazi war criminal sentenced to life at 82 years of age

Granted, you might not like the law, but when you aid and abet an aggressive war you risk being prosecuted and hanged. That you don’t like the law is no excuse. That you think the law is unfair is no excuse. That you are ignorant of the law is also no excuse. If you commit war crimes brazenly, you are an admitted war criminal, whether you are eventually prosecuted or not. And, of course, as a brazen admitted war criminal, you lose all respect from people like me.

where’s your compassion for your fellow man? so maybe you should be disrespecting the gov ernment officials { management} instead of the soldiers {employee’s}.

Most of my Iraq war writings are about Bush and his cabinet and their wrongful actions.

or how about taking a more active part in getting people elected who will make better decisions on your behalf. or even better yet, ru nning for office yourself.

I probably would have run for office if I had not contracted HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) in 1985. I don’t have the energy to serve that way.

now, i maybe wrong, but i see it this way. we are there. we shouldnt be, but we are. so we have to finish the job so that the iraqi people can defend and govern themselves.

If the war was a stupid idea to start and every month of war has made things worse, by what logic would more killing make things better?

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
~ Mahatma Gandhi (1869-10-02 1948-01-30 age:78)
remember, thier own government h as killed countless inocents as well.

Not quite. What is happening in Iraq is very much like happened in occupied France in WWII. Some traitorous French people sucked up to the Nazis and helped them kill other Frenchmen. The French resistance fought back to kill both the Nazis and the collaborators. In Iraq, the traitors suck up to the Americans for money, for political influence or hope of a green card. Some of them do it to spy or wait for opportunities for revenge. Some of them are simple thugs, like the American soldiers, who use American weapons to terrorise, torture and extort the Iraqi civilian population. The US military inflates the amount of Iraqi terrorism by including the legitimate killing of invading US soldiers with roadside bombs and killing Iraqi traitors who collaborated with the Americans. Bush and the US military refuse to acknowledge that when Americans kill civilians, it is terrorism too, though Bush hints that it is indeed terrorism with his term shock & awe. He likes to pretend all civilian casualties are regrettable, even when the US military has a quota of 30 civilians killed per high value target. To kill more, a US soldier is supposed to ask permission.

way before we ever got there. at least our government doesnt mass murder us here… yet. if we leave iraq like this it will be just like when the russians left afghanistan. the terrorists will get a foothold and take over.

Terrorism : killing civilians with the intent of changing their political affiliation.
~ Caleb Carr (1955-08-02 age:62), military historian

I would modify that definition slightly. I don’t think nuts who act completely on their own should count as terrorists. I think they need to be associated with an organisation to count as terrorists.

Who has the biggest military in Iraq? Who has the biggest budget for explosives? Who has the biggest budget for missiles, smart bombs, napalm, white phosphorus, land mines and cluster bombs? (These are remote-control weapons where the killer does not even see his victims). Who makes biggest use of weapons that kill large numbers of people at a time? Who blows up the most houses? That party is the biggest terrorist on the planet by Carr’s definition, (and also by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) ’s definition for that matter).

then an even bigger problem will manifest. terrorism is perpetual.

For heaven’s sake. You are being paranoid and dramatic again. More people drown in swimming pools that are harmed by terrorism. Bush uses this bogey man to funnel trillions to his backers in the defence industry.

violence begets violence. it’s not ever going to stop. U.S. foriegn policies suck no doubt. they always have if you ask me. my parents always said charity starts at home. we have enough problem’s here. we should be taking care of our country and people before anyone else. but we stick our noses in everyones business and for it we are hated around the globe. but it’s too late now, nothing is going to stop them from hating us.

If Obama or Clinton wins the election and makes it clear the old bullying Neocon policies are over, I expect the world will, give a gasp of relief and rapidly forgive America. Traditionally, America is an immensely popular country. Its popularity hit the skids only when Bush took office and started throwing his weight around.

so please remember before you disrespect the soldiers and thier families, it’s the management not the employee’s who make the decisions on our behalf. believe m e, the soldiers would much rather be car pooling with you to work than be fighting in a war… I LOVE MY COUNTRY BUT FEAR MY GOVERNMENT.

Your defense sounds much like that the mother of a Nazi soldier might have given for her son at Nuremberg. At Nuremberg, we demanded much more of Nazi soldiers than you demand of American soldiers. We demanded they refrain from participating in an aggressive war. We demanded they refuse even when drafted. We demanded they refuse illegal orders even under threat of death. American soldiers volunteered for service in an illegal aggressive war. Surely even you don’t claim that Iraq attacked the USA first. American soldiers use torture and banned weapons. They were free to refuse. Granted, they would have been court martialed, but not killed. They are required by international law to refrain from such actions. They didn’t. The commited those acts brazenly and proudly. That makes them admitted war criminals. It has nothing to do with my opinion. International law is quite clear. It is a capital offence to aid and abet an aggressive war, such as the Iraq war. Hawks don’t debate the Iraq war is aggressive. They merely boast that no other country is powerful enough to prosecute American war criminals. Almost nobody debates that American soldiers have killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. We have all seen the videos. That makes American soldiers serial killers. People who kill more than one person are by definition serial killers. I don’t feel any obligation to respect war criminals or serial killers no matter what lame Nazi-like excuses they offer e.g. I was just following orders, I needed the money, I was afraid of the peer pressure.. Those same excuses apply equally well for Nazis, gang members or Mafia hit men.

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