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i want Roedy killed

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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Why America Is The BEST : Michael Docherty : : 2006-02-02

i want Roedy killed.


My Name Is Mike

and i hate you mother fuckers

You Canadian motherfuckers are wrong you dont know what you are talking about, you should really do some research before you bash my country For instance, the United States government does not spend money targeting civilians. People Die in war, get used to it. and it certainly does not take 100 million dollars to take a persons life. it takes a 45 cent bullet we spend 100 million dollars to kill a shitload of enemy camel fuckers

The USA has spent about $300 billion US and even though Lancet says you butchered over 100,000 civilians in the early days of the warn, the Bush administration says the number is much lower. So let’s say you Americans killed only 50,000 Iraqis. How much did it cost to kill each one. Do the arithmetic. $300 billion ÷ 50,000 = $6 million = $6,000,000.00 USD Granted the bullet itself was just a few cents but setting up for the kill was very expensive. You killed most of these children with bombs fitted with expensive targeting computers.

when people say they dont care about iraqi military casualties, that doesnt mean we dont wnat to help the civilians and 100,000 lives in iraq is around the total combatants the iraqis lost in the war and in war, the more enemy combatants dead the better.

They were not your enemies. Enemies are people who attack you. They are your victims. You attacked them on their own turf. 100,000 is the number of civilians you butchered in the early days of the war. This is the only peer-reviewed statistic of the war and hence the most reliable. But what makes someone an enemy? By your definition it is failing to turn traitor to their country and collaborate. It is not that they attacked the USA in any way.

We are not in Iraq for oil or just for WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions) the United States Is in Iraq because Iraq Supported Terrorism and many Training Camps have been found, but hey, if it will help my country, ill kill any motherfucking terrorist they want. isnt that what being a patriot is all about, doing what is best for your country.

That turned out to be just another of Bush’s lies. Bush’s people have even admitted it.

explains why canada got so far in the world.… bitch ass fuckers believe me, we ; dont like the fact that civilians die in war, thats why we spend millions of dollars on smart weapons that can be targeted away from civilians.

Don’t be naïve. Those weapons kill far more civilians proportionately than the old methods. The reason America uses them is to reduce American casualties. You kill civilians then cry crocodile tears about it. If you really did not like killing civilians, you would not do it. The truth is you love killing. That’s why you put so much effort into defending your country’s butchery, so you can enjoy more of it.

i would much rather kill the fuckers associated with making this website that the civilians in iraq

This is utterly irrational. Neither I nor the Iraqis have done a thing to you. If you are feeling pain it is your rudimentary conscience pricking you. You know damn well it is wrong to kill people without a very good reason and you don’t have one.

and dont you people remember how the people embraced us as liberators as we marched into dozens of iraqi cities

And you betrayed them. You occupied the country. When you liberated France you did not occupy the country for years. You did not appoint dictators. You did not steal natural resources. You did not stall and meddle in elections or prevent internationally supervised ones.

you people are selfish assholes who believe that nobody else in the world should have freedom

The Iraqis want freedom from an illegally invading America. Ask them for yourself. Surely you know some Iraqi ex-patriates if you want to lay down your life for them. They did not like Saddam lording over them and they like the Americans doing the same thing even less. You Americans with your sadistic Shock & Awe even had the gall to use Saddam’s very torture dungeons and his own torture instruments to let it be known what big mean motherfuckers you were.

and did u dickheads ever think that there are also canadians fighting in that country and you dickheads dont realize that your OWN GOVERNMENT supported us and the war

To my shame, my government joined you in your phony Afghanistan war, but they did not join you in the Iraq war. you people deserve to be fucking killed

Why? For refusing to give your blessing on your butchering and raping innocent kids and stealing other people’s oil and refusing to call you a hero for acting as hit man for the American Empire? I did not hurt you. The Iraqis did not hurt you. Neither of us is the slightest threat to you.

and if it happens, i might fucking laugh and i encourage you guys to post this on your website dont take this as a threat, because i dont want to waste the time to kill coward bitch ass canadians that cant defend themselves.

From legal point of view you long ago crossed over the line with your death threats, but I am not about to launch a prosecution to get you locked up. There are too many others out there just as nuts as you.

if canada was attacked, you cunt-faces would be the the first to cut and run.

Defending yourself and going out bullying require quite different mind sets. You seem to miss the point. Iraq did not attack the USA. Further, she was incapable of doing so. The USA invaded Iraq, unprovoked. You are the same ilk as Nazi Germany invading to gain control of natural resources. I have felt contempt for Americans the way they were such sheep handing over their civil rights to the Patriot Act without even a shot. That shows Americans have no spirit to defend their own freedoms. They are only brave when stealing, not defending liberty.

and if you people want to come find me, go ahead you ass sucking bitches

You sought me out, not the reverse.

by, all means, post this email on your website

good bye, fuckers

love michael

Why America Is The BEST : Michael Docherty : : 2006-02-27

i want Roedy killed.

At least you are honest. You brazenly announce your allegiance to Satan with your email handle, devildog.

This Is a wonderful explanation on why America is the Best country on the planet.
It seems that other countries become angry when America boasts about how it is the best well, i have a reason why we can do that.

We Canadians get a bit of a chuckle over your American superiority complex, but that has nothing to do with our complaint against you. The complaint is your country is a thief and a bully. It misuses its strength. You behave worse than Nazis in warfare, but imagine your behaviour does not stink because you Americans are God’s gift to the planet and when you do it, it is automatically OK, no matter what it is.

it is true that we are the best and we have earned the right to call ourselves the best.
We bail everybody out, we are the only country that has ever been able to step into a situation and completely blow everything to hell and come out with a huge victory we step into countries that need us and we deliver them to freedom. Look at the wars we fight.

Hmm, like Grenada, Haiti, Somalia, North Korea, Iraq… I don’t think you have anything to be proud of because you had no business being at war in the first place. None of those countries was the remotest threat to you. Note that you give a wide birth to countries with teeth like China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia, no matter how badly they behave. You only attack tiny, disarmed and weak countries like Iraq, Haiti and Grenada.

people look at countries that we have intervened in and say that we lost there fuckers dont know what they are talking about take vietnam for example.

You silly paranoid Americas fought VietNam out of fear of the communists. It was all for nothing.

they say we lost that war
lets look at statistics
America lost 53000 soldiers
North Viet Nam lost millions of people.

And you are proud of this? It is like a street gang member bragging about offing a bag lady. There was no need for it. You are bragging about committing an international crime and murder without rational motive.

there is still no accurate number that tells how much ass we actually kicked (Where did those bitches keep coming from?)
anyways, they wanted a peace treaty, we gave it to them and when we pulled out, they took over the South, those dirty fuckers. the fall of saigon happened when the Marines at the U.S. embassy were pulling out and they were caught in the middle of the invasion. Around 20 marines held the embassy until the choppers came they killed over 200 NVA (North Viet Nam Army) enemy soldiers.

We never lose a war, sometimes we leave, but we have never lost

You have never even been attacked, other than Pearl Harbor. All your wars have been chosen. You only play when you know you can win with overwhelming odds. You spend on war that all the rest of the countries put together. And you are proud of being a paranoid bully? Seriously?

We bailed Europe out of 2 world wars

You weren’t even born. Stop taking credit for things you had nothing to do with.

who the hell can pull that off except for the United States
without us, the Jews would all be fucked
The wars we fight are for the good of all people.

China, they hate us because we say we are the best and they arent better than us they think they are the best what makes us right and china wrong? the fact that we have actually proven over time that we can take on anyone china, sits on their asses while we are out helping the world they also think they can take us because they have more people fuck that we are outnumbered in all our wars and we still kick ass. it is not numbers that make us strong, it is our tenacity and ablitity to fight like no one else can.

Why we went into Iraq does no matter, here is what we did in that country

Of course, it matters. You have spent $300 billion to hurt the Iraqis simply to wear them down into handing over their oil. Surely you are not proud of your country for doing that?

  1. We destroyed Terrorist training camps.
  2. Destroyed a Terrorist nation and ally.
  3. Liberated a nation from an oppresive ruler who used chemical weapons on his own people.
  4. And we secured safety for the middle east for years to come.

But the terrorism thread is much higher now than ever before. Why? because the USA behaved so badly in Iraq it has united most of the planet against her, and recruited millions of people dedicated to her long term downfall. Watch the exchange rates and debt. America will fall from financial decay and bankruptcy, not a direct military attack. America is up to her ears in debt to China. She is haemorrhaging jobs to outsourcing. Her debt and trade imbalance continue to balloon like an alcoholic with a credit card.

In Conclusion,
never let anyone tell you that america is not as great as we think America is the only country that can win every war and fight any battle we go to war for the good of all people and to avenge the deaths of Americans No country does what we do and we will be the only super power until the end of time we will continue to fight for what is right and for the freedom of all americans.

America is great is the same as the sense Alexander was great. He was a sadistic bastard who successfully oppressed the known world. If my country were behaving that way, I would be extremely ashamed. In public opinion polls, there are only two countries in the world that get a negative rating, Iran and the USA. That is what the world thinks of you.

And to eveyone who thinks America evil and wrong:

Excuse me, but it is you who have been making that case throughout your post, proving what a big mean mutherfucker the USA is.

Try To Prove Why You Are Better

You are not better. You can’t even spell. You are an ignorant twit whose only hold on self esteem is his country’s ability to bash those weaker than itself. You are like a little kid with a big mean older brother who has pimples and a loose bowel condition and a penchant for molesting 3 year old girls. You desperately try to turn these failing into virtues to salvage your own sense of self worth.


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