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Wrong Message

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Wrong Message

David Burgess : : 2005-12-28

This is not by any means a hate letter. This is a letter asking you what you are trying to accomplish by posting photo’s of dead and mutilated bodies of U.S. servicemembers on your page.

The exact same reason I show mutilated Iraqi children and dead Iraqi resistance fighters. I want average Americans to realise, on a gut level, that war is not an intellectual exercise, to be fought for abstract reasons. Real people get very badly hurt. War is almost never justified and the Iraq war in particular has no justification whatsoever.

The war has no justification and further UN (United Nations) has declared the war illegal.

Bush minimises the impact by hiding coffins, not counting those who die en route to hospitals in Germany and killing independent newspeople. I want Americans to know they are paying a huge cost for going along with Bush’s lies.

Just look at the hit counts at he bottom of my web pages and also look at what people write about. It is the pictures that get to people, not the arguments.

If you minded your own business and left he Iraqis alone there would not be any dead, Iraqi or American. You have a hell of a lot of nerve to complain about me showing photos of your handiwork. And don’t give me that lame old saw about Saddam. He was captured way back in 2003. The butchering you have done ever since had nothing to do with Saddam.

How can you tell if a severed hand belongs to an American or an Iraqi? The only photo clearly of an American shows a relatively minor wound. And what’s so special about Americans that their photos should be veiled but not everyone else’s? Your chauvinism reeks.

I am a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and I couldn’t imagine if My family were to stumble upon your page and my picture was on there. I’m not condoning Mr Bush’s reasons for going to war nor do I really care. I fight for your freedom to do what you like and to post whatever you want on the Internet.

If you don’t agree with Mr. Bush’s reasons for war, why are you killing people then? Killing is something you do only under the most extreme circumstance, not simply to mollify. Iraq is no threat to my freedom of speech. Bush’s Patriot Act is. Thus you are fighting against my freedom. You and your army are far more of a threat to Canadian sovereignty and world peace than Iraq ever was.

But please if you have any concience whatsoever, don’t post pictures of mutilated servicemembers on your site. War is not pretty and sometimes innocent people get hurt and killed. Thats just the price that we pay for having a safer country thats more secured.

You know what you are doing is wrong. If you and fellow soldiers in Iraq would show some gumption and act on you consciences and stop killing still more people and stop in any way aiding and abetting the killing and return home, I would be more that happy to take down the photos of the past mayhem. But most likely you won’t. Mainly out of cowardice, you are too afraid to buck the military now you have got yourselves in this deep. So you lie to yourself and others that what you are doing is necessary and honourable.

But in the meantime, don’t feed me that lame propaganda. Iraq never was a threat. All that crap about WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions) was pure fabrication. Like an idiot, you are fighting a war that has no official purpose. You are really there to secure Iraq’s oil for Exxon. America and Canada are less secure now because your worse-than-Nazi atrocities in Iraq have turned the entire Arab world against the west. Further, with your antics you have alienated Russia, France and Germany. You have even sent traditional rivals China and Russia into a military alliance and helped Iran find allies. This war has been a foreign policy disaster.

There is so much that is good that is going on in the middle east right now…but, of course, you couldn’t show that!

What bullshit! America spent $300 billion levelling a country then built a few schools for the PR (Public Relations) cameras and you imagine yourself a hero.

If you want to continue this discussion feel free to e’mail me back and I will be more than happy to hear about why you post such things.

D. Burgess
Sgt USMC (United States Marine Corps)
David A. Burgess
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American Embassy K.L.
APO-AP 96535-8154

Wrong Message : David Burgess : : 2005-12-28

Roedy Green: AKA (Also Known As) the antichrist

after reading more of your webpage…i have decided that I would take great pleasure in Torturing You and you’re fucked up parents who concieved you if you even have any………….How do you live with yourself FUCK YOU

Thank you for dropping the phony polite facade and showing your true colours. Keep in mind, it is you who is killing kids for no reason, not me. All I do is show the results of your handiwork in the hope your country will sicken of your sadism. Your anger is actually at yourself. It is your conscience pricking you. Why else would I get under your skin so strongly? Like any pervert, you try to make a virtue of your crimes in the vain hope others will buy it. You are certifiably insane if you imagine Jesus taught you to kill kids and that interfering with such butchery was wrong.

David A. Burgess

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American Embassy K.L.

APO-AP 96535-8154

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