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what the hell is wrong with you

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

what the hell is wrong with you : Joseph Hogue : : 2008-05-02

First of all let me start by saying I’m an Iraq Veteran (OIF1 12th AVN BDE). I fought for this country in conditions you couldn’t begin to imagine.

Your fought not to defend your country, but to help it steal oil from a tiny impoverished third world country. You are just a hired thug. You are also a confessed serial killer and international war criminal. I find it astounding that you don’t appear to be aware of what you have just confessed to. You have committed a capital crime, namely aiding and abetting an aggressive war, the crime used to hang all the Nazis at the end of WWII (World War II). So don’t expect any more respect from me than I would give any other child killer. You appear to be proud of your crimes. I hold you in even greater contempt than I hold those cowardly German soldiers who followed Nazi orders. They were compelled. You worked hard for a chance to commit your sick violence.

Now i understand many people are not patriots but what you do is down right disgusting! showing the remains of a soldier in a very upsetting and disrespectful manner.

You butcher people and I show the results of the carnage in an attempt to stop your crazed rampage and I’m the evil one? The cheek! You are trying to prolong the war and trick more naïve people into enlisting and getting their fool heads blown off. What sort of respect for life is that? You bloody hypcrite!

I couldn’t believe the 20 reasons to not marry a soldier you must be sick.

I note that you offer not a single fact to counter any of those 20 reasons.

why do you do this? could you please explain this to me? ok, you may be against the war but don’t disrespect those who are following orders.

I have explained this at great length on my website. If you won’t read it there, you won’t read it here, but surely they teach you that just following orders does not get you off the hook for committing a crime. You are still legally responsible for everything you do. Recall the Nazis pleading that lame excuse on the gallows.

i could keep ranting on but i wont. just please think of what your doing and if just one of your disgusting pictures was your brother, cousin, father, son or nephew. all i can say is you make me very very sad and may God have mercy on you, i will not judge, He shall.

That is so preposterous. I have not harmed anyone. You went half way round the world hunt people who were no threat the USA. You are as degenerate as a Mafia hit man and you have the gall to claim your god approves.

Respect those who have fallen…

Absolutely not! Your crimes and the crimes of those who bit the big one are even worse those of the Nazis. All you to voluteered for Iraq are guilty of a capital crime, namely aiding and abetting an aggressive war. You deserve to be spat on and shunned it not slowly tortured to death. Chances are, as a small fish you will escape prosecution, but if all goes well your confession here will help bring you to the attention of the authorities and convict you and you will swing or spend the tail end of your life is solitary. Recall some Nazis did not face justice until they were in their 90s. The military, political and financial power of the USA is gradually waning to protect you from prosecution.

PS: bet you wouldn’t dare show you face to a soldier if they knew about your website would you??? your sickhellip; oh and God bless all troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessing illegal invaders only makes sense if your God is Satan. Thou shalt not kill means thou shalt not kill Iraqis too. You can’t claim self-defence. You country attacked without provocation, under false pretences to boot. Your country ignored the Geneva Conventions. Your country routinely tortured POWs (Prisoner Of Wars) including children. Your country kills mostly children with your cowardly forms of warfare. Your country used banned weapons. Your God approves of beating up a tiny nation 1/12 your size with $3 trillion worth of mayhem? Get real! I stand behind what I say. Perhaps a thousand people a day read my website. I am not backing down.

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