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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Your Opinions on the Troops Serving In Iraq : vini decorte : : 2008-10-21

Roedy, You said
I don’t really give a fig personally about US soldiers who die. Those US soldiers voluntarily chose the profession of hired killers. They kill for thrills and money, not because they are defending their country. I care about civilians, especially children, of any nationality or religion. I realise, however, that most Americans are infected with racism and nationalism and care only about American deaths and then only white ones, so I will gladly post any photos you can find of US casualties to pound home the cost of this war in suffering to Americans too.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)
Roedy, I understand you’re entitled to your opinion, but, you are just plain wrong and extremely negative, opinionated, linear (In your thinking processes) and just plain stupid to categorize ALL American troops in Iraq as terrorists.

Very few people wring their hands over the fate of serial killers. All the American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are brazenly guilty of a capital crime, namely aiding and abetting an aggressive war. They are legally more heinous than child rapists. Terrorist just means they kill civilians. They can’t help but kill civilians because of the cowardardly way they fight war by remote control encased like turtles in armour. They can’t even see the people they are killing. Those that don’t kill directly enable others to do so. In my eyes that makes them like the engineers who build the gas chambe9s for Hitler. They didn’t directly kill anyone; they just helped.

That statement could get you an ass kicking if you said it in the wrong place. Who are you to brand American soldiers as Hired Killers? There are hired. They kill. They are paid to kill people. What’s your problem? All I did was strip them of their fig leaf name soldier that, for you, gives them a magical air of legitimacy. Most American soldiers are decent people doing their jobs. Yes, there are bad apples, as there are bad apples in anything humans do. But I must say, your bitching and shit spreading websites exihibit the same hatred and evil intentions as the people you accuse of the same things. You're no diffrent than anyone else. You're a whiny bitch with a cause and a set of motives and objectives that are relative to your point of thinking and if you could (Or had the power to do it) you would kill, murder and torture to accomplish your objectives also. I havent heard you say one thing about peace, love or seeking to start a movement towards world peace or working towards creating an ideological perspective which can unite everyone despite our diffrences. Why don’t you do or work towards something positive instead of spreading half truths and erroneous bullshit. Oh, by the way, I have nothing against you personally, I just disagree with the way you’re creating walls and barriers instead of uniting people with diffrences!!

First, whether these soliders are war criminals is not a matter of opinion; it is a matter of law. What I believe or wish to be so, what you believe or wish were so is irrelevant. Check it out for yourself. Granted the Bush does not acknowledge the jurisdiction of the world court. However, all UN (United Nations) members signed a treaty agreeing to turn over war criminals to the Hague for trial. The USA is a rogue state in that regard. It is conceivable some future president, perhaps even President Obama, will join the world court. Whether the USA can get away with its outlaw stance has nothing to do with whether its soldiers who aid and abet an aggressive war are war criminals. A rapist is still a criminal whether he is caught and whether he is successfully prosecuted, whether or not he successfully intimidated the prosecutor to lay off.

Once you understand these soldiers are guilty of a capital crime, my attitude becomes no less peculiar than that of someone who is glad to see child rapists receive a lethal injection.

You say these soldiers were just doing their jobs. Surely you have read about the Nazis at the end of WWII (World War II) who attempted to justify their war crimes by saying I was just following orders. As you may recall; that did not cut it. They hanged. The Americans soldiers volunteered to commit their war crimes. They were far freer than any Nazis hanged for war crimes.

Do you disagree with my assessment of the motivation of these soldiers. What was it then?

I can’t think of any plausible reason to enlist but the last. Nobody has ever come up with alternative motive, just told me that I was wrong.

You are like the rich father of a deliquent son demanding the usual rules of acceptable conduct be waived for your precious child who has just decapitated a puppy. Granted 99% of Americans refuse to acknowledge the most of those serving in the military are war criminals, so what I have to say shocks and angers them. I am not going lie just to humour them. They need a good dose of reality. Monarchs of old insisted that all surrounding them continously flatter them and ignore all flaws. That is what Americans demand of their international neighbours. I am not willing to play. Americans are drunk from drinking their own bathwater. They talk so much only to each other, they are off in a dream world of their own wonderfulness.

American soldiers have committed crimes so shocking even the Nazis avoided them. American solidiers thus are worse than Nazis. What matters is what they did, not their nationality. Americans like you seem to think war crimes don’t count when American soliders commmit them.

Had my father said things like I say, but about the Nazis, of course it would upset them. The truth is exceedingly unpleasant, especially for a people deep in denial. Today’s Americans are just as deep in denial as the people living in Nazi Germany. Today’s Americans have far less excuse. They have to work hard to maintain their illusions and keep contrary evidence at bay.

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