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I am offended

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

I Am Offended : D Pronick : : 2001-09-14

As an American, I am offended by your comments regarding the World Trade Centers disaster. I admit that these Islam fundamentalists are dedicated to their cause, which they believe in wholeheartedly. Additionally, the Palestinians have a legitimate gripe against Israel and the US, as their land has been stolen. However, the mass murder of innocent civilians is never justified.


If these terrorists are so brave and holy, why won’t they show their faces?

Where is Bin Laden?

bin Laden is on a camel hiding out in the Gobi desert for all I know.

Hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan. I am sure Adolf Hitler had a fierce dedication to his Final Solution, also, but that cannot possibly excuse the concentration camps. There will always be individuals in society who will use any rhetoric, however, twisted, to support their own insane actions.

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