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Mind Your Own Business

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Mind your own business : Virginia (last name withheld by request) : email withheld by request : 2007-01-14

It is my business because the war is immoral.

What do you, a liberal, know of morals?

Virginia Baldwin
Everett, WA

My desire to prevent war is a moral imperative. Your desire for more war is immoral by any ethical or religious system I have ever heard of. What do you as hawk know of morals? You have no imagination. You have no idea of the needless suffering you create with your idiotic belief in your superiority to people of other countries.

Mind your own business : Virginia (last name withheld by request) : email withheld by request : 2007-01-14

And you do?? Oh, I see. You’re only concerned with suffering when it’s advantageous to attack George W. Bush. Never mind all the babies who have suffered having scissors gouged into their brains because the parents only wanted sex — not a child!

That makes no sense! I could imagine you as O.J.’s lawyer defending him on the basis some women have abortions. There is no connection. War is wrong. Killing kids is wrong. You supporting George W. Bush in killing kids is wrong. I oppose you, Bush or anyone else killing kids directly or indirectly. I oppose abortion but I don’t believe that prohibition will help.

Is it suffering to ban same-sex marriages? (How strange that Darwinism has not gone by the wayside seeing as how gays don’t reproduce.)

I don’t see the connection between same-sex marriage and whether it is ok to kill kids in Iraq. I make my arguments for same sex marriage in this essay. Clearly homosexuality has a Darwinian advantage or it would not be so prevalent. The most likely advantage is that children with gay aunts and uncles have a huge advantages in times of disaster with extra adults looking out for them.

You’re a Druid who has no idea of what s/he is talking about.

I am a male atheist/ccist. Druidism is a religion I have not studied, so I could not very well be one.

Ms. Thomson-Baldwin asks you to read an essay A Rabbi’s Warning to US Christians.

The author, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, considers books debunking Christianity as equivalent to and as dangerous as anti-Semitic hate literature. They are quite different. Atheists poke holes in the untrue claims of the Christians. They in no way call for beating or discriminating against Christians. Anti-Semites often call for killing or persecuting Jews.

Christians often call for killing and persecuting gays. It is a bit thick of the Christian churches to demand a complete lack of criticism when they are behaving so badly.

I call for shutting down churches that have enabled paedophiles, covering up for them in a systematic way, same as you would any other business or organisation that had done that. I don’t call for hurting Christians or forcefully deprogramming them.

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